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Vol.20 Nº 11 November 2023

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Don't Miss the RSNA 2023 Plenary Session Speakers
The RSNA 2023 plenary sessions will focus on guiding teams and organizations through transformative change in healthcare. Sessions start on Sunday, November 26, at 4-5:30 p.m. CT.



Experience State-of-the-Art Radiology at ECR 2024
ECR 2024 is getting closer every day. Join us and witness the birth of a new generation in radiology! Register now for your attendance at ECR 2024! All ECR 2024 tickets are valid for onsite and online access during February 28 to March 3, 2024.  Take advantage of the opening fee until November 8.



Dynamic Digital Radiography (DDR): Benefits of its Implementation in Orthopedics
The Dynamic Digital Radiography - DDR is the only imaging study that makes it possible to visualize anatomy in motion, with a full view and a low radiation dose. This enhanced x-ray technology is known for providing high quality images that allow orthopedists to evaluate, monitor and treat joint injuries.

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CIR Virtual Magazine on Radiology

Nova classificação das neoplasias gliais segundo a Organização Mundial da Saúde 2021, com enfoque radiológico
Autores:  Renata Tarraf Fernandes, Gustavo Ramos Teixeira, Esther Cecin Mamere, Gabriela Alencar Bandeira, Augusto Elias Mamere


Feocromocitoma adrenal. Claves para el diagnóstico radiológico
Autores:  M.A. Corral de la Callea, J. Encinas de la Iglesia, G.C. Fernández-Pérezc, M. Repollés Cobaleda d y A. Frainoa



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