The 31sh CIR Congress has been held jointly with the 36th National Congress of SERAM from May 25th to 28th .  

Dr. Beatriz González has been granted SERAM honorary membership during the congress opening session.


The new board of directors of CIR remains as follows: Dr. Luis Campos Jorge as the President, Dr. Claudio Bonini as President Elect, Dr. Angel Gayete as General Secretary, and Dr. Jorge Vidal as Treasurer.

(From left to right, Dr. Bonini, Dr. Campos, Dr. Gayete and Dr. Vidal)

Dr. Beatriz González Ulloa handing the badge to Dr. Luis Campos Jorge.


Taking an oath.


With Regional Vice Presidents


Signing agreement between CIR and SERAM for ELAR Scholarship Program.
Dr. Milagros Martí de Gracia and Dr. Beatriz González Ulloa



On May 28th , the CIR bestowed the following awards:

Dr. Jorge Soto received CIR´s gold medal for his educational work at the college.


Dr. José Luis Criales received the radiology merit diploma for his long-time work
as coordinator of the Spanish CIR sessions during RSNA congresses.


Dr. Sonia Bermudez received the radiology merit diploma for his leading
role at CIR´s Virtual Radiology Magazine.


Mark Watson receives the Benefactor Award on behalf of the RSNA


The mexican team ranked second in the case study league.



In May, the Panamanian Society of Radiology and Imaging has renewd its board of directors. Dr. Wilfredo Sáenz is the new president.

Likewise, the Uruguayan Society of Radiology and Imaging has renewed its board of directors. Dr. Gustavo Muñiz is the new president.

In addition, this month, the Canadian Association of Radiologists has also renewed its board of directors, which remains as follows:



Dr. Gilles Soulez

Vice President

Dr. Ania Kielar

Immediate Past President

Dr. Michael Barry


Dr. Nick Neuheimer

Head Councilor

Dr. Raquel del Carpio O´Donovan

Acting Councilor

Dr. Carlos Torres




The assembly has decided to choose Costa Rica as the 2024 congress venue. Hotel Real Intercontinental de San José



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