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Communication and Secretary Activities Report
April / 2022

Executive Committee
The Executive Committee of Latin Safe is conducting research on essential imformation and material relating to Diagnostic Imaging and Radiological Protection for the “Quality and Humanization in Diagnostic Imaging Services” course taking place in July.


This month, the Executive Committee gathered in order to deal with very important issues regarding the future of Latin Safe:
April 5th

1.      Web site progress
2.      Continuing Education eLearning platform options for comparative analysis
3.      Commercial executive profile
4.      Summary of the presentation
5.      Executive committee members’ entry
6.      Proposals to set in motion Latin Safe´s areas of work


Web Site
News published on the Web site in March:


Social Networks
In April, Facebook has had 223 likes in all and its impressions (number of times the page was displayed) increased more than 1.000% compared to last month. On the other hand, Instagram had 572 followers, and twitter received 594 impressions and had 60 profile views, which are excellent figures.
The posts that stood out the most on the three social networks were: the coverage of the latest Radiological Protection study group, the new Executive Committee of Latin Safe, the opening of the Sao Paulo Radiological Meeting (JPR) 2022, and the Latin American Day of Radiological Protection.

See the attached PDF for more information.


Events, Partnerships and Initiatives
In May 2022, we will commemorate the Day of Medical Physics and the World MS Day. We will also stress the importance of signing the Commitment Letter and Latin Safe's initiative.  
In addition, we would like to show you the content of the Study Group this month, information about NotiCIR and events such as the European Congress of Radiology (ECR), the Inter-American College of Radiology (CIR) congress, and the Spanish Society of Medical Radiology (SERAM) congress.
There will be more committee meetings in order to update the information gathered and put the final touches on the course being held in July.


SPR Study Groups
As of May, the Radiological Protection Study Group will be an event organized between Latin Safe, Sao Paulo Society of Radiology (SPR), and the Brazilian College of Radiology (CBR).
The monthly meeting of the SPR Radiological Protection study group was held on April 4th and it counted with the presence of Dr. Divanizia Souza. The topic covered was “Real-Time Dosimetry in Interventional Radiology” - full class on the SPR YouTube channel.


Latin Safe


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