SIRCAI - DIAR, 2021  

The CIR (Inter-American College of Radiology) announces the 7th edition of the Diploma of Iberian American Excellence in Radiology (DIAR for its initials in Spanish).

This year the registration deadline is August 20, 2021 and the exam will be conducted on September 17, 2021 (to be confirmed).  It will be online, simultaneous and remote, through a multiple choice system, in a period of maximum 3 hours.

Value US$ 50.00
Test requirement: computer with internet connection.

The Inter-American College of Radiology (CIR) created and approved the Integrated Radiology System for Ibero-American Certification and Accreditation (SIRCAI), in October 2010, a historical event of great significance.  SIRCAI is an official body of the CIR, which complies with the Statutes of the College.  Since then, the SIRCAI is in charge of assessing and granting the re certification for the professional training of Ibero- American radiologists. They believe that quality in Diagnostic Imaging is only possible when medical actions are carried out exclusively by professional and capable physicians that are specifically dedicated to the specialty.


DIAR Diploma

The Ibero-American Diploma of Radiology (DIAR) is an instance of Certification of Excellence in the Specialty.

Requirements for aspiring to DIAR

Being a Physician

  • Being a Specialist in Imaging Diagnostics, Radiology, Radiodiagnosis or Diagnostic Imaging in an official program endorsed by the corresponding country.
  • Having current and exclusive dedication to the Specialty
  • Application for Registration to the DIAR Diploma according to Annual Schedule
  • Pay the corresponding entry fee to the DIAR Exam


Attach the following documentation:

  • Complete DIAR Registration Form
  • Complete the Affidavit Form of exclusive dedication to the Specialty
  • Complete the Digital Resume provided by SIRCAI
  • Medical Degree (Digital – JPG)
  • Certificate or Specialist Degree (Digital – JPG)
  • Certificate of membership of the Official Society of your Country as an Active Member (Digital – JPG).
  • Digital photography of the applicant

Registration Deadline: 20 August!

All documentation must be sent to SIRCAI:



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