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Vol.17 No.9, September 2020



In view of the COVID-2019 pandemic, our partners have created a diversity of original resources that contribute to the study and practices, highlighting scientific evidence and constituting collaborative axes that unite national and international scientists.  


CIR’s 30th Inter-American Congress of Radiology

CIR’s 30th Inter-American Congress of Radiology together with the FMRI’s 29th National Congress of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging and the 3rd International Congress of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging.

Change of date: December 9-12, 2020

This is a kind invitation to fellow radiologists and associates to participate in the 30th Inter-American Congress of Radiology (CIR) together with the 19th National Congress of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging of the FMRI and the 3rd International Congress of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging of the FMRI, now with a new date: From 9 to 12 December 2020.



The CIR Board of Directors reports that it has decided to suspend the Call for the Scholarship Program, for which the deadline for application was schedule for September 15.



New RSNA COVID-19 databases

The RSNA is collaborating on two major new COVID-19 databases: the RSNA International COVID-19 Open Radiology Database (RICORD) and the Medical Imaging Data and Resources Center (MIDRC). RICORD will provide imaging data with support of clinical information support and expert annotations, and will be available for free to global teaching and research communities.



Recall ECR 2020 Online

You didn’t have the chance to participate in ECR 2020 Online? If so, we have good news!

All the contents of the ECR 2020 are already available on demand and, in addition, we have included all the Highlight Weeks – the past ones and the ones that are coming.


The history corner: Turabali M H Chakera

Tanzanian doctor (1943-2019) who practiced his professional career in Australia developing a great educational work on that continent.


Latin Safe

Communication and Secretary activities report
July /2020

In July the meeting of the SPR Study Group of Radiology Protection was held completely online. Physicist Alessandra Tomal participated and spoke of "Breast tomosynthesis".



ONLINE SERAM courses that start in September/October 2020 and have special discounts for CIR partners.


Virtual education / Online courses

In order to promote the continuing education of our partners and in the face of the challenges posed by the COVID 2019 pandemic, the CIR Board of Directors has decided to offer the following courses free of charge, as of May 2020.


CIR Virtual Journal of Radiology

On this occasion, we recommend the following articles of the Virtual Journal, August 2020:

Vólvulo gástrico: aproximación diagnóstica mediante estudios especiales

Autores: Diana Carolina Suárez Niño, Diego Alejandro Piñeros Nieto, Andrés Felipe Salinas Castro, María Mónica Olarte Quiñones, José Gabriel Caviedes González

Temporal Bone Trauma: Typical CT and MRI Appearances and Important Points for Evaluation

Autores: Yoshiko Y. Kurihara, MD Astuko Fujikawa, MD Natsuki Tachizawa, MD Mamiko Takaya, MD Hirotaka Ikeda, MD Jay Starkey, MD


Advances in imaging - Thorax Book 2

This official publication of the Inter-American College of Radiology (CIR), is a series directed by doctors Ricardo García Monaco (Argentina) and Miguel Stoopen (Mexico). Each volume is coordinated by a guest editor, who in this case, have been Dr.José Luis Criales Cortés and Dr. Fernando Gutierrez.


CIR Board


International courtesy registrations are offered by the organizing companies of the events sponsored by the Inter-American College of Radiology.

They are scholarships of attendance to the congresses and/or courses and are destined to the members of the CIR that do not lie in the country where the respective event is held. To become a creditor of one of these scholarships, a request must be sent to the administrative office of the CIR:

This time the following registrations are offered:

10 international courtesy scholarships offered.
Important: All courtesy registrations for the 19th International Ultrasound Course have already been awarded.

Offers 5 scholarships.

Due to the recommendations of health authorities, SERAM reports the Congress will be postponed to 19 to 22 May 2021.

SERAM offers registration scholarships to the congress for young residents or specialist radiologists up to 40 years old, members of the CIR.  Priority is given to those who have been approved any communication to the Congress.
Offers 100 scholarships.

Offers 5 scholarships.


Newsletters of member countries

NotiCIR readers are invited to see directly, from this space, the monthly newsletter to members of the CIR have kindly placed at our disposal.

You can access the latest issue of the newsletter as well as the index of past issues.

ESR Newsletter

FAARDIT Newsletter



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