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Vol.16 No.12, December 2019



2019 is almost over and we want to celebrate Christmas with the entire CIR Community, which eventually became a great family which we want to congratulate, expressing to each and every one, our best wishes and special thanks.

We have worked hard this year, we have strived to be even better professionals, we have exceeded our goals, carrying out the best possibilities for training, especially for young doctors and residents, making it possible to share the knowledge of the most important doctors and scientists, making the latest technological advances available in favor of a more humanized radiology and imaging science for the benefit of our patients.

The Board of Directors of the CIR (Inter-American College of Radiology), would like to thank all partners for their invaluable collaboration, dedication and commitment and we would like to wish you great successes and personal joys for the year to come.

Board of Directors of the CIR
Inter-American College of Radiology


30th Inter-American Congress of Radiology

The Scientific Commissions of the CIR, fulfilling their mission of uniting the National Groups of Radiology and through them, the specialist physicians who integrate them to improve the medical, technical, scientific and human quality of their professional practice, are gathered with the aim of organizing the 30th Inter-American Congress of Radiology to be held from October 7 to October 10, 2020, and will take place in the city of Merida, Mexico, together with the 19th National Congress of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imaging and the 3rd International Congress of Diagnostic and Therapeutic Imagenology.


SIRCAI 2020 – Now in new mode: Online Exam!

THE SIRCAI (Integrated Radiology System for Ibero-American Certification and Accreditation), is an official body of the CIR that has the great responsibility of evaluating and certifying the professional training of Iberian-American radiologists physicians since 2010.



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ESR Connect

ESR Connect is your first stop in the world of radiology. Learn, explore and participate in our new interactive platform. Enjoy educational and leisure content, on-demand videos and online seminars. You can also purchase exclusive packages grouped in themes or on different events.


The History Corner: Jerome R. Singer

Professor and researcher at the University of Berkeley, California, (1921-2018) he was pioneer in the field of magnetic resonance imaging, and he was nominated for the Nobel Prize for his work on this field, which allowed his disciple Paul Lauterbur to obtain it in the year 2003.


Virtual CIR Courses

The content of all modules of the IV CIR News Course, 2019, is now available online.

Also know the available CIR Virtual Courses.


Latin Safe

Communication and Secretary activities report
October /2019

The meeting of the SPR Radiological Protection Study Group was held on 7 October.

From 10 to 12 October it was held the 48th Brazilian Congress of Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging. Doctor Hilton Muniz Leão Filho, our president, represented Latin Safe at the event. Other important national names were also present talking about radiological protection: Doctors Aldemir Humberto Soares, Alair Sarmet Santos, Dolores Bustelo, Monica Bernardo, Simone Kodlulovich Renha, Paulo Costa and Rochelle Lykawka.


CIR Virtual Magazine

At this time we suggest you read the articles of the magazine:

Brain Fascicles Volumetry in Healthy Population

Authors: José Fernando Hernández, Leonardo Bello-Dávila, Sergio Francisco Ramírez, Jorge Marin, Jorge Rudas, Edgar G. Ordóñez-Rubiano, Jenny Vicuña Vanegas

Radiological Manifestations of Congenital Lung Malformations. Experience of Three Hospitals in Bogotá

Authors: Lizeth Pardo, Juan Manuel Viveros, Jorge Alberto Carrillo, Fernando Polo, Andrés López, Lina Jaramillo, María Juanita Gómez


Advances in Image Diagnostics: Book Thorax 2

This official publication of the Inter-American College of Radiology (CIR), is a series directed by doctors Ricardo García Monaco (Argentina) and Miguel Stoopen (Mexico). Each volume is coordinated by a guest editor, who in this case has been Dr. José Luis Criales Cortés and Dr. Fernando Gutierrez.


CIR Board


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They are scholarships of attendance to the congresses and/or courses and are destined to the members of the CIR that do not lie in the country where the respective event is held. To become a creditor of one of these scholarships, a request must be sent to the administrative office of the CIR:

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CIR Donations Program

The Inter-American College of Radiology began a program of donations, in order to receive financing for General and specific projects.


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