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Vol.16 No.11, November 2019


30th Inter-American Congress of Radiology

We are very proud to communicate that the scientific community of the CIR (Inter-American College of Radiology), is organizing the 30th Inter-American Congress of Radiology, which will be held in the city of Merida, Yucatan, within its natural and cultural wealth and vibrant life, valuing our ancestors from Latin America and the Caribbean.


8th International Radiology Day

On November 8th, the 8th International Radiology Day ill take place. To celebrate, we’ll conduct interviews with specialists in sports images, which we’ll share as follows.



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21st Ecuadorian Congress of Radiology "Dr. Juan Garces Garces"

A total success, the 21st Ecuadorian Congress of Radiology was held in the city of Quito, between 26 and 28 September, organized by the Ecuadorian Federation of Radiology and Image (FERI), with great assistance and high scientific level. The president of the CIR, Doctor Henrique Carrete Júnior gave several presentations. With the Visiting Professor Program of the CIR, Professors Marcelo Galvez and Nicolás Zilleruelo, from Chile, met their goal of supporting a better radiological education.


Brazilian Congress of Radiology

Between 10 and 12 October, the 48th Brazilian Congress of Radiology was held in the city of Fortaleza with great attendance of more than 2000 people. The ESR-European Society of Radiology was present, through the Best of ECR Program, with the guest speakers. Representing the Inter-American College of Radiology, Doctor Claudio Bonini participated in several meetings with international organizations.


French Conference of Radiology

Framed in the beautiful city of Paris, between 11 and 14 October, it was held the French Conference of Radiology, the largest and most important scientific event in the specialty of radiology and diagnostics organized by the French of Society Radiology (SFR).


General Secretary of the CIR meets with SERAM Executives

Doctor Luis Campos, general secretary of the CIR, met with SERAM executives last week in October. Doctor Ángel Gayete, last president, Doctor Milagros Marti de Gracia (Mila), vice president and future president, and Doctor Fatima Matute Teresa, general secretary.



'Best of ECR' at CBR 2019

The ESR was present during the 48th Brazilian Congress of Radiology in Fortaleza to present the program 'Best of ECR', formed by various speakers and full of cutting-edge science.


The History Corner: Paul C. Hodges

American radiologist (1894-1997), first chairman of the University of Chicago, pioneer of diagnostic radiology, inventor of the "phototimer", first automatic expolisimeter, considered as the driver of radiology in China where he worked for several years.


Virtual CIR Courses

The content of all modules of the IV CIR News Course, 2019, is now available online.

Also know the available CIR Virtual Courses.


Latin Safe

Communication and Secretary activities report

On 2 September, the meeting of the SPR Radiological Protection Study Group was held.

From 5 to 7 September, the Congress of Radiology of Chile 2019 was held and Doctor Renato Adam Mendonça represented the Latin Safe. He presented the inaugural class of the opening session of the event, with the theme "Latin Safe: Where We Are!".


CIR Virtual Magazine

At this time we suggest you read the articles of the magazine:

Bosniak Classification of Cystic Renal Masses, Version 2019: An Update Proposal and Needs Assessment

Authors: Stuart G. Silverman, MD, Ivan Pedrosa, MD, PhD, James H. Ellis, MD, Nicole M. Hindman, MD, Nicola Schieda, MD, Andrew D. Smith, MD, PhD, Erick M. Remer, MD, Atul B. Shinagare, MD, Nicole E. Curci, MD, Steven S. Raman, MD, Shane A. Wells, MD, Samuel D. Kaffenberger, MD, Zhen J. Wang, MD, Hersh Chandarana, MD, MBA, Matthew S. Davenport, MD.

Skull Base–related Lesions at Routine Head CT from the Emergency Department: Pearls, Pitfalls, and Lessons Learned

Authors: Hernan R. Bello MD, Joseph A. Graves MD, Saurabh Rohatgi MD, Mona Vakil MD, Jennifer McCarty MD, Rudy L. Van Hemert MD, Stephen Geppert MD, Ryan B. Peterson MD.


Advances in Image Diagnostics: Book Thorax 2

This official publication of the Inter-American College of Radiology (CIR), is a series directed by doctors Ricardo García Monaco (Argentina) and Miguel Stoopen (Mexico). Each volume is coordinated by a guest editor, who in this case has been Dr. José Luis Criales Cortés and Dr. Fernando Gutierrez.


CIR Board


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They are scholarships of attendance to the congresses and/or courses and are destined to the members of the CIR that do not lie in the country where the respective event is held. To become a creditor of one of these scholarships, a request must be sent to the administrative office of the CIR:

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CIR Donations Program

The Inter-American College of Radiology began a program of donations, in order to receive financing for General and specific projects.


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