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Dr. Sergio Lucino
Dr. Jorge Bisteni Bustani - Journalist Mariela Thomas
Founding Editor:
Dr. Miguel Stoopen

Thanks 2015 and welcome 2016!

At the end of a new year, we want to thank all those who have contributed to the various tasks that we set this 2015 as Inter-American College of Radiology.

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Successful 5th CIR Session in Spanish at the RSNA 2015

Attendants were updated on the checking methods and the status of science in each case. The session had a significant attendance and was delivered online simultaneously with the participation of "virtual assistants" in different parts of the world.

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Evaluation of the CIR Assembly Chicago 2015

Doctor Sergio Lucino evaluates this event which was held in the framework of the RSNA 2015 Congress, in the city of Chicago, Illinois, United States.

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27th Congress of the Inter American College of Radiology

We are pleased to invite you to participate in the 27th Congress of the Inter-American College of Radiology - CIR 2016, which will take place from 8 to 10 September, at the Conventions Center of Swissotel, Lima, Peru.

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Interesting cases on Facebook: Case 2015 #11 - Closure

Periodically, the CIR will publish cases of clinical and radiographic interest on Facebook, including images and videos. You can participate by adding your diagnoses and observations, as well as comments in each of the cases. This closes with the final diagnosis, a summary of the findings and recommended reading to expand the content.

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BI-RADs Fifth Edition: Reporting and data recording system of studies through breast imaging

The Fifth illustrated Edition of the bi-RADs ® is an extension of the fourth edition of the same work. Like the previous one, it contains modules on breast ultrasound and MRI, but includes a considerably higher number of illustrated real cases in all modules.

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RSNA: Time to Renew Your RSNA Membership

With RSNA 2015 behind us, plans are already underway for next year, and you can attend RSNA 2016 free when you join or renew your RSNA membership.

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Books of the Advances series: Imaging Diagnostics

These texts were published by the Inter-American College of Radiology and Journal editions.

Editors: Miguel Stoopen y Ricardo García Mónaco
Editor guest:
Karla Moënne
Editores: Miguel Stoopen y Ricardo García Mónaco
Guest editors: Kenji Kimura Fujikami y
Byanka Pozzo Salvatierra.

Other books

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The History Corner

Josef Lissner

German radiologist (April 22, 1923, Tuz, Posen-Prussia, Eastern - December 30 2006, Schäftlarn – Ebenhausen, Bavaria). He was the leader of European Radiology and responsible of the reform of the European Radiology Congress (ECR), in 1991, and the establishment in that same year of the journal European Radiology, an organ of expression of the European society of Radiology.

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Virtual Magazine

The latest issue of the Virtual Magazine of Radiology is now available on the web site of the CIR. We invite you to check out this new publication that includes the best articles published by radiological magazines from different countries of the region.

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They are granted by the society in charge of the organization.

They are addressed to CIR members who belong to other countries and who do not live in the country hosting the event. Requests should be sent to the CIR administration office: cir.admin@servimed.com.mx.

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GO RAD is a new program developed by the international society of Radiology in global scope. GO RAD is a new global outreach program developed by the International Society of Radiology. Its purpose is to achieve advanced radiology education throughout a global radiology community by adding current and practical radiology literature with content that is targeted and addressed to the developing nations and populations with scarce resources.

We hope that you make the most of this program in order to improve everybody’s health and well-being.

Doctor Eric Stern
Editor-in-Chief, GO RAD

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