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SIRCAI: Diplomas of Recertification in Chicago 2015

In Chicago the third ceremony of diplomas delivery will take place. Diplomas will be granted to professionals that have been re certified through the Recertification Program of the Integrated System of Radiology for the Latin American certification and accreditation (Sircai) dependent on the CIR. This will take place at the Assembly of the Inter-American College of Radiology, in the framework of the Congress of the RSNA 2015, which takes place from November 29 to December 5.

We invite the member countries to submit their re certification programs to be approved by Sircai in order to receive this international diploma.

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IDOR: International Day of Radiology 2015

On 8 November, the International Day of Radiology (IDoR), the children will be the protagonists of a day in which numerous celebrations will take place around the world to highlight the role of radiologists in the detection and treatment of pediatric diseases.

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Learning more about ANRI: The active year of the Nicaraguan Association of Radiology and Imaging

Its President, Doctor Cecilia Pérez, highlights the increased involvement of partners in initiatives promoted by this entity and the work being carried out to promote the importance of accreditation among the radiological community in this country.

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CIR - RSNA Spanish Session

It will be held on November 28th with the theme "Early imaging diagnosis in the population.”

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RSNA: Regional Course on Emergency Radiology

RSNA is taking education on the road with the RSNA Spotlight Course: Emergency Radiology: Interactive Course with Cases, June 2 to 4, 2016, at the Grand Fiesta Americana Coral Beach Cancún Resort & Spa, Cancún, Mexico.

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Video Contest of World Federation of Pediatric Imaging

The competition is open to any person, institution or organization, both national and global.
The deadline to participate is October 31.

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Interesting cases on Facebook - Case 2015 #9 - Closing

Periodically, we publish cases of clinical and radiological interest, including images and videos, in CIR Facebook page You can participate by adding your diagnoses and observations as comments in each of the cases. This closes with the final diagnosis, a summary of the findings and recommended reading to expand the content.

See closing case 2015 #9

Virtual Meeting Enhances RSNA 2015 Experience

Registration for the RSNA 2015 Virtual Meeting is now open! The Virtual Meeting is for anyone – whether you’re planning to attend the Annual Meeting or not. For those in Chicago, it’s a great way to view the courses from the comfort of your hotel room. For those who are unable to attend RSNA 2015, the Virtual Meeting lets you participate at your own pace from your home or office via computer, smart phone, or tablet.

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IX SIBIM Congress 2015

This event will take place from October 29th to October 31st at the Barcelo Bavaro Palace Hotel in Punta Cana, Dominican Republic.

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The History Corner

Ignacio Blajot Pena

A Catalan physician and radiologist (1912-1993), he was considered one of the pioneers of the thoracic radiology in Spain.

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New books of the Advances series: Imaging Diagnostics

These texts were published by the Inter-American College of Radiology and Journal editions.

Editors: Miguel Stoopen y Ricardo García Mónaco
Editor guest:
Karla Moënne
Editores: Miguel Stoopen y Ricardo García Mónaco
Guest editors: Kenji Kimura Fujikami y
Byanka Pozzo Salvatierra.

Other books

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Virtual Magazine on Radiology

The latest issue of the Virtual Magazine of Radiology is now available on the web site of the CIR. We invite you to check out this new publication that includes the best articles published by radiological magazines from different countries of the region.

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They are granted by the society in charge of the organization.

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GO RAD is a new program developed by the international society of Radiology in global scope. GO RAD is a new global outreach program developed by the International Society of Radiology. Its purpose is to achieve advanced radiology education throughout a global radiology community by adding current and practical radiology literature with content that is targeted and addressed to the developing nations and populations with scarce resources.

We hope that you make the most of this program in order to improve everybody’s health and well-being.

Doctor Eric Stern
Editor-in-Chief, GO RAD

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