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Dr. Alejandro Beresñak
Dr. Jorge Bisteni, Dr. Dante Casale, Dr. Luis Ros
Founding Editor:
Dr. Miguel Stoopen


Dear colleagues and friends,

January tends to be a month of relative silence and calm, perhaps as a reaction to the dizzying days preceding it, or perhaps because our own year-end balances allow, in some way, a "new beginning". However, for the Board of Directors of the CIR that I have the honour to preside, this January has been a month of intense work. Through periodic virtual meetings we have worked relentlessly to carry out our main projects and achieve the goals that we have set ourselves as a Board. I would like to share with you some of the advances:
  • The nominations for the Visiting Professor Program have been analyzed, verifying that they comply with the requirements requested in the call and with the objectives of the program, and adjusting the number of teachers awarded to the allocated budget. The result of the process will be communicated in the coming days and published on the website.
  • We reactivated the GUARANTEE program of CIR, which belongs to SIRCAI, by promoting it and regulating the way to apply for it.
  • We continue going forward in the Organization of the 1st refresher course in radiology to be held on 9-11 May in Cancun, Mexico. The scientific program is already available on the website and an intense promotional campaign has begun in order to achieve an excellent call and the assistance of a great number of radiologists.
  • We are working intensively on the sponsorships program of the CIR, seeking to establish partnerships with companies interested in supporting our educational programs. After a series of meetings, Hologic and General Electric have confirmed their participation as sponsors of the CIR, which fills us not only with satisfaction but also with optimism for the support they give us to carry out our projects. We hope that other companies will join this group of sponsors very soon and support us in order to achieve our main objective: harmonize and raise the level of Radiology in the region.
  • We are scheduling the activities of the Latin American School of Radiology, which starts the second semester of this year and whose activities will be released in the course of the next few months.
  • Finally, I would like to tell you that we are redesigning our website, to make it more attractive, informative and up-to-date. We hope to present it very soon.
As you can see, this month of January dind’t gave us truce, but if in the course of the year we can reap something from what we sow, we will be more than satisfied.

Warm regards,

Doctor Gloria Soto
President of CIR

1st refresher course in radiology Cancun 2013-CIR

Courtesy registration scholarships for the 1st CIR refresher course in Radiology on 9 to 11 May, Cancun, Mexico.

The Interamerican College of Radiology offers 15 courtesy registration scholarships for the 1st refresher course in Radiology of the CIR, to be held between 9 May and 11 May 2013 in Cancun, Mexico.

Scholarships are aimed to Radiology residents.

Requirements to obtain a scholarship:
  • Before 1 March yo should sen an email to the Secretariat of CIR (cir.admin@servimed.com.mx) requesting a scholarship; you must attach a letter of support from the National Society or Association of Radiology which certifies that the requestor is a resident in a diagnostic imaging training program at a well known institution aknowledged by the National Association r Society of the requestor’s country.
  • Be less than 35 years old.
Scholarships will be distributed among residents from as many member countries of the CIR as possible.

In the criteria for granting said scholarships we will consider the order of reception of the applications by the Secretariat.

The result will be reported on 5 March 2013.

Course of mammary resonance of EUSOBI, Cancun 2013-CIR

Julia Camps Herrero
President of the Committee of International Relations of EUSOBI
Chief of radiology service
Hospital Universitario de la Ribera. Alzira (Spain)

The European Society of Breast Imaging was founded as a non-profit organization with the objective of supporting the medical knowledge of mammary image area in the broadest sense of the term.

The EUSOBI seeks to establish medical and scientific standards and promote high quality in the study of the breast, with special emphasis on the integration of all techniques: mammography, ultrasonography, magnetic resonance imaging, computed tomography, nuclear medicine and other new diagnostic methods, diagnostic and therapeutic interventions and research. The instruments to required to accomplish these tasks are, among others, the meeting of professionals in scientific events and the promotion of a training program unique in the field of breast imaging.

EUSOBI’s breast MRI course is one of these initiatives, aimed at the promotion and training of professionals in breast image. The first edition took place in Vienna, at the end of February 2012, with great success and rave reviews from the audience. The format of the course is always the same: a theoretical part with conferences of 25 minutes of duration, covering the technical and medical aspects of breast MRI, and a practical part in the form of workshops which outlines cases related to the conferences, and attendees participate actively commenting or exposing their doubts or questions.

The edition of this course in Cancun, as part of the 1st refresehr course in Radiology of the CIR is sponsored by Bayer Pharma and is the result of a close collaboration with the CIR; we hope it lays the foundations so that Latin American radiologists know firsthand how important the imaging technique is for EUSOBI through the conferences delivered by five European teachers.

Guarantee program of CIR

The guarantee program of the CIR aims to support scientific events taking place in the member countrie, allowing the use of the logo of of the joint signature of the CIR in the official program, posters, brochures and any other material for the promotion of the event, whether printed or electronic. This logo may be used in courses and congresses supported by the CIR exclusively.
This program depends on the SIRCAI.


The organizers of the event for which the endorsement of the CIR is requested should send an official request to the Secretariat of the College indicating the name of the course or congress, the date and the place where they will be held. The organizers should attach the biggest amount of available information possible to the date of application regarding the Scientific Program and the invited profesors.

  • The application should also include an official letter of support from the national society or association of Radiology representing the host country before the CIR. Without this letter the CIR shall not grant the endorsement.
  • Requests should be made with a minimum of 3 months prior to the date of the event.
    The CIR will acknowledge receipt of applications and will answer them in a period not exceeding 15 days from its receipt.
  • Those organizers supported by the CIR will committ to donate US$100 to the College to be used in educational programs.

Radiological protection in the CIR

In the las Newsletter of the AIEA (International Atomic Energy Agency) appears the new book published by this institution about radiological protection in Pediatrics.

This publication provides a guide for radiologists, other physicians and X-ray technician involved in the diagnostiv procedures which use ionizing radiation in children and teenagers. It should also be a useful guide for physicists and regulatory executives. It focuses on the necessary measures to provide protection from the effects of radiation, using the principles set out in the IAEA International Basic Safety Standards, against ionizing radiation and for safety against radioactive sources, and the right priority for the area.

To download the PDF: click here

Doctor Alfredo Buzzi
President of the SAR (Argentine Society of Radiology)

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Editor-in-Chief, GO RAD

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The history corner

Carl Gustaf "Gösta" FORSSELL

FORSSELL was a Swedish physician and a radiologist (Vassbo Aspeboda, Kopparberg, 1876-Danderyd, 1950) and he was the first to announce the systematic teaching of Radiology as a specialty. He was the son of an agricultural entrepeneur, Abraham Forsell and a student in Stockholm when Roentgen announced his discovery in 1895. He was radiologist Stenbech Thor’s assistant in that same city, carrying out in 1899 the first treatment for skin cancer using radiation.

In 1913 he became doctor of medicine at the Karolinska Institute and he was awarded a "personal professorship" in 1917, occupying the first Chair in medical radiology of Sweden in 1926. He is considered responsible for the organization of the departments of Radiology in his country. As director of the Institute of Radiology at the Surgical Clinic of Serafimer in 1906 (which was later considered the origin of the Swedish school of Neuro Radiology), he transformed it into a prestigious research and teaching center which was considered at the time the first radiological clinic in Europe. His competence and scientific prestige persuaded the authorities that every hospital should have a single Department of Radiology (at that time each clinical specialty had its own). This organization model implied that trained radiologists were the ones who start directing radiology services with full responsibility at different Swedish hospitals, similarly to what Antoine Beclere sought in 1902 in ten hospitals in Paris.

Forssell was the first in Sweden to announce and promote the systematic teaching of medical radiology since 1908. He participated in the organization of the Swedish Society (1918) and the Nordic Society of Medical Radiology (1919), as well as in the foundation of the Swedish Society for Medical Research. He was editor of Radiation Act, a means of expression of the Radiology Societies of all Nordic countries (Denmark, Finland, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden and Switzerland); the magazine has kept great scientific prestige until our days. He was the author of numerous scientific publications in the field of radiant therapy ('Indications for radiant cancer therapy', 'Experience in radiant uterine cancer treatment') and of radiodiagnosis; his article “Study of the mechanisms of the movements of the mucous membrane on the digestive system”, publisehd in 1923 in the American Journal of Roentgenology is owrth mentioning since it arouse the highest aknowledgement from the radiological authorities of the time.

Doctor Luis Ros
Co-Editor of NOTiCIR

Our readers’ opinion

Contact - Interamerican College of Radiology
Name: Jorge
Surname: Ortiz Roque
Town: Havanna
Country: Cuba


Dear all:

I would like to send my congratulations to the entire community of the CIR and everyone in general in the new year.
But above all, I would like to thank and express my joy and satisfaction with the CIR as it has made possible the extension of knowledge, the updating and the union of all the specialists in Imaging and related specialties. For making possible that specialists from different countries can attend events by giving free registrations, from which I benefited last year, when attended the Venezuelan Congress.

Thanks, all the best, and take into account I am always at your service.

Doctor Jorge Ortiz

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International courtesy registrations

They are granted by the society in charge of the organization.
They are addressed to CIR members who belong to other countries and who do not live in the country hosting the event. Requests should be sent to the CIR administration office.