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Dr. Alejandro Beresñak
Dr. Jorge Bisteni, Dr. Dante Casale, Dr. Luis Ros
Founding Editor:
Dr. Miguel Stoopen

Celebration of the International Day of Radiology 2013 together with PAHO/WHO

On 8 November, in the almost 120th anniversary of radiology, the Pan-American Health Organization / World Health Organization, together with their partners, such as the CIR, will celebrate the Day of Radiology. The event, which will be broadcasted in English and Spanish through the web, will stand for the acknowledgement of this specialty’s impact on Public Health, and will conclude with a reception and exhibition at the PAHO’s headquarter in Washington DC.

In order to deliver high-quality radiology services, we need well-trained professional teams: radiologists, radiology technicians, physicians and biomedical engineers. In many Latin American and Caribbean countries, the lack of human and technological resources complicates the access to high-quality radiology. Since 1960, the PAHO has advised Latin American and Caribbean governments through its Radiology and Radioprotection Program, and has provided technical cooperation, due to the importance of radiology, not only in clinical specialties but also in the Public Health field.

The aim of this celebration is to let Public Health authorities and professionals know about the challenges in the region for an optimal application of radiological technologies. It also seeks to encourage the professionals of the Departments of Health so they contribute to the acceleration of the changes that are needed in order to improve the access to high-quality radiology services, thus improving the level of health in Latin American countries.

During the event, some experts in the subject (radiologists, radiologic technicians, physicians, public health officers, etc.) will discuss the role of radiology in the public health field. The speakers will analyze how radiology has revolutionized medicine, its role in developing countries, their experience in the region and the main challenged that Latin America is facing.

Together with the PAHO/WHO, the CIR invites the radiologic community of Latin America and the Caribbean to join this celebration of the Day of Radiology 2013 through a link that will be soon available in our website.

CIR’s Fifth Congress of Virtual Radiology

Dear colleagues:

After the success experienced in the four previous editions of our virtual conferences, in 2005, 2007, 2009 and 2011, respectively, we announced the development of the fifth Virtual Congress of Radiology, to be held in November 2013.

The radiological community is invited to participate actively, registration is free.

The sending of radiological cases and electronic posters is open!

We are looking forward to seeing you!

Kind regards,

Dr. Luis Fajre and Dr. Francisco Sendra Portero
Risponsible for the organization of RADIOLOGIAVIRTUAL

Free access.
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CIR-GE workshop course: Cardio CT, Panama



25-26 October 2013
Hospital Punta Pacifica, Ciudad de Panama, Panama

Director: Dr. Eric Kimura
Speakers: Dra. Aloha Meave González and Dr. Darío Maida Urrea

See program

Invitation to participate in the CIR&RSNA session

On Saturday, November 30 in Mc Cormick Place the CIR session at RSNA will be held - CIR&RSNA 2013.

The topic to be discussed will be Infection-Inflammation, and 8 well known professors of CIR will participate as speakers, covering different organs and systems.

The session is in Spanish and will be transmitted via webcast. We invite you to see the program and schedule this event so you can attend this interesting meeting of the CIR in the context of the Congress of the RSNA 2013.

Click here to view the program

CIR@SFR Session in Spanish

CIR@SFR Session in Spanish

18-22 October, Palais des Congrès, Paris.

For the second consecutive year, the Inter-American College of Radiology has been invited by the French society of Radiology to hold a scientific session in Spanish in the French Conference of Radiology

See program

Submission of scientific papers for the Interamerican Congress of Radiology 2014, Cartagena

This invitations includes changes and adjustments regarding previous invitations; therefore, we recommend to review it in detail.

All authors who wish to register their works should also refer to the full version of the invitation, published in the Virtual Portal of the Congress.


11th Book of the CIR ADVANCES series

Advances SERIES in Imaging Diagnostics - CIR
Inter American College of Radiology

Editors: Miguel Stoopen y Ricardo García Mónaco
Guest Editor: Doctor Ricardo García Mónaco
Journal publications 2013 ISBN 978-987-1259-83-0
209 pages

This complete and organized book that is part of the Advances series in Imaging diagnostics offers us a complete and entertaining review of this prevailing disease, analyzed from the imaging point of view.

Initially, it discusses in general the various forms of image, such as computed tomography, magnetic resonance and PET/CT, with emphasis on functional and molecular studies as well as on the Diffusion, Perfusion and Spectroscopy in MR and different types of tracers used in PET/CT.

The book also includes an update on diagnosis, staging, possible therapies and follow up of most frequent neoplasms such as pulmonary, prostatic, colorectal and lymphoma, among others, considering the different types of image.

The review on the definition of international standards and their clinical application in order to objectively assess the response of the last tumors to treatment is particularly interesting.

The authors are physicians of national and international prestige, including the United States and France.

Being such as cross-cutting theme in radiology and medicine, I highly recommend it both to residents, fellows, and radiologists.

Address for online orders:
Ediciones Journal, Buenos Aires
www.journal.com.ar/avances, or write to info@journal.com.ar

Doctor Andres O´Brien
Responsible of the body area
Imaging Diagnostics
Las Condes Clinic, Santiago

On line international publications

Member countries’ newsletters

We invite all NOTiCIR readers to visit, from this site, the monthly bulletin RSNA News, which is available thanks to CIR member countries.

You can access the latest issue of the newsletter as well as the index of past issues.

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GO RAD is a new program developed by the international society of Radiology in global scope. GO RAD is a new global outreach program developed by the International Society of Radiology. Its purpose is to achieve advanced radiology education throughout a global radiology community by adding current and practical radiology literature with content that is targeted and addressed to the developing nations and populations with scarce resources.

We hope that you make the most of this program in order to improve everybody’s health and well-being.

Doctor Eric Stern
Editor-in-Chief, GO RAD

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Busi was an Italian radiologist (21 July 1874, Bolonia - 30 October 1939, Grottaferrata) and founder of the Italian Society of Medical Radiology. He also fostered radiology as a specialty in his country.

He was part of a modest family so he had to face big sacrifices (he even gave private lessons) in order to obtain his degree in medicine and surgery in 1900. He was attracted by the progress of radiology so in 1906 he became a frequent visitor of the radiological Hospital Civil de Trieste; later he moved to Vienna to the Holzknecht and Kienböck institute. The contact with this pioneers excited him and by 1907 he was appointed director of the radiological board of the Hospital of Bolonia.

As a result of his studies of the issues related to radiodiagnosis, he published works of a general nature: Fundamentals of Medical Radiology (Bolonia 1912), as well as a series of interesting observations about the digestive system: On the visibility of the cecal appendix to x-rays (1913), Radiology of the vermiform process of the cecal (1914), a 146-page volume on normal, descriptive and radiological anatomy of the Sella Turcica, edited in Modena in 1911.

In 1911 he founded Italian Society of Medical Radiology with V. Maragliano, an in 1915 he started teaching electrology and radiology.

During the World War I he was the director of the radiological board of the Militar Hospital of Bologna, teaching war radiology at the university.

From 1919 to 1923 he was Professor in charge of electro therapy and medical radiology at the University of Bologna. In 1928 he joined the University of Rome as professor of Radiology. In 1930 he organized the Radiological Institute of the Hospital of San Camilo, providing the most modern premises and technology; this made possible that radiological diagnoses were more accurate.

The figure of the radiologist as an authorized medical specialist then emerges to formulate a diagnosis based on the interpretation of this new discipline, still dependent on the anamnesis and clinical semiology.

During this stage he continues to work on new acquisitions in the field of radiology: the morphological and functional study of the ileocecal valve, discovering a sphincter function in the large bowel in the area between the caecum and the ascending colon Busi sphincter), describing the morphology of pulmonary hila and the azygous vein generated by pulmonary TB. He wrote two works of a general nature, remarkable for their methodological and educational value: Semiology and radiological diagnosis in orthopedic surgery (Torino 1927) and Technique and radiological diagnosis in surgical diseases (Torino 1933). He was a member of several scientific societies, he was president of the Medical School of Rome from 1929 to 1935, and in 1939 he was appointed senator of the Reign, even when his health, deteriorated by radiations and with clear signs of unquestionable radio dermitis in his hands, was quickly worsening. He died in October of that same year.

Dr. Luis Ros
Co-Editor de NOTiCIR

Radiological protection in medicine

The International Commission on Radiological Protection (ICRP) has prepared a document entitled "Publication 105: Radiological protection in medicine" in order to reinforce the recommendations of the year 2007 in the area of medical exposure.

Medical exposures are unique and modify the way in which the basic principles of radiation protection developed by the ICRP are applied.

The principle of justification should be evaluated on the same person (patient) who will receive the benefits and suffer the risks associated with the medical procedure.

The principle of optimization, if the procedure is therapeutic, implies that doses must be minimized (and/or their deleterious effects) in tissues adjacent to the region which will receive a pre established and lethal doses to meet the purpose of the treatment. If the procedure is diagnostic, the ICRP recommends the application of Reference Levels to evaluate if the dose to the patient (in terms of stochastic effects) is exceptionally high or low for a particular procedure of medical imaging diagnosis.

The principle of limitation of the dose is not relevant in medicine since ionizing radiation, used in the adequate level with a particular medical purpose, is an essential tool which will result in more profits than damage.

The Argentina Society of Radio protection (SAR) considered that the dissemination of this document in Spanish would contribute to the strengthening of Radiological Protection in the medical field. That is why it is in charge of translating the document, originally in English, to Spanish, with the authorization of the ICRP. This was carried out with the collaboration of a group of partners. The Argentina Society of Radio protection is grateful to the ICRP and tp the partners who have worked for the successful completion of this project.

By this means, this valuable document is available to all members of the CIR.

Please, send your requests, comments or suggestions using the following form:

We look forward to your active participation, since all opinions or suggestions are welcomed.

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