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Estimados amigos,

I will contact you frequently to let you know my ideas and opinions about the most relevant events related to the Committee as well as to keep you informed about the development of the various activities and programs promoted by CIR.

First of all, I would like to thank you all for the acceptance and support we have got since we took over as Executive Committee in October 2008. As such, we have received uncountable expressions of sincere support. We can feel an optimistic, proactive “attitude” with many ideas and a spirit of commitment. We can also feel a growing interest in knowing and taking part in all the programs. This attitude is reflected not only in the directives of the associations, but also in the radiologists from the different countries.

The different work groups for each of the programs we have committed to have been progressively formed. I invite you to read the “Development Plan 2008-2010” introduced at the Belo Horizonte Congress, which was unanimously approved, thus paving the way to follow. You can view it at CIR’s web site: www.cir-radiologia.org/home.php

Lastly, I would like to inform you about our next important event to be held on March 19 to 22 in the City of Medellín-Colombia, regarding the “Re-engineering Meeting-CIR 2009” where we will share 4 days working on each aspect related to our Association. The meeting acceptance has been highly comforting. As of today, February 9, 2009, when I am writing these lines, all the countries represented by their chairmen and advisors have been confirmed. We really hope this fundamental meeting will be a success. The companies have already begun to get in touch with “CIR’s Sponsor Program”, launched in the last Congress in Chicago, with the confirmation of important donations by Bayer-Shering-Pharma and Hologic for the Medellín meeting. The rest of the companies have expressed their interest in taking part in CIR’s programs. A heartfelt recognition to them, who have believed in us. I will keep you informed about the results and commitments regarding this meeting.

Warm regards,

Rodrigo Restrepo González
CIR Chairman

CIR Books - “Advances” Series.

Advances in Imaging Diagnosys

Official Publication of the Interamerican College of Radiology:

Within the framework of the educational activities that the Interamerican College of Radiology develops, we are pleased to announce that we have agreed with JOURNAL Editions the publishing of the series of books Advances in Imaging Diagnosis.

Advances will be published biannually, and will consist of an update on the main topics of our specialty.

The series will be directed by Dr. Ricardo García Mónaco (Argentina) and Miguel Stoopen (México), and each volume will be coordinated by a guest editor. The first one is dedicated to the subject “Liver” and has been coordinated by Dr. Stoopen. It has already been published in September 2008 and is currently for sale.

The next volumes of this series are already being prepared: the next volume about Thorax coordinated by Dr. Luis Criales will be published in March 2009. And three more are already in preparation: Skeletal muscle coordinated by Dr. Rodrigo Restrepo and Dr. Carlos Giménez (september 2009), Neurology - book it`s still in elaboration by Dr. Enrique Palacios Mayorga (Nnovember 2009) y Mama by Dr. Román Rostagno (january 2010)

  • Written by highly renowned professors from Latin America and Spain
  • Concise, of swift reading, and written in spanish for the spanish-speaker reader
  • Of fast publishing, avoiding the extense delays caused by translation processes.
  • Excellent printing and presentation quality, including images obtained from the most modern equipments.
  • Advances will allow the reader a rapid tour through the most advanced studies indicated for each pathology. We hope you enjoy them

We hope you enjoy this material!

Address for Electronic Orders:
Journal Editions, Buenos Aires  www.journal.com.ar/avances

The “SPONSOR” Program. – CIR’s Sponsors

We have formalized a comprehensive corporate program for the financial support of the activities of the College, sharing our “Development Plan 2008-2010” with the companies of the continent and Spain

The best news is the announcement of the commitment date of the first companies. You will soon see their ads and advertising at CIR’s information sites:

We would very much like you to support us with the slogan:

“Well done! Thanks for supporting CIR”.

Each radiologist, anywhere in America, should say this to our “Sponsors”. If you come to know an executive of a sponsoring company, you should tell him or her this phrase. At first, he or she will be surprised at first but, then, he or she will understand their great contribution to radiology in our home towns.

I am pleased to tell you that so far we have three Sponsors.

And we invite the rest of the companies to join the program.

3rd Virtual Congress of the CIR is announced for October 2009.

“The CIR visits its member countries”

In october 2009, the 3rd Radiology Virtual Congress will be celebrated in the Teaching Portal Radiologiavirtual, from the Electronical Education Department of the Interamerican College og Radiology.

This third edition follows the successful editions of 2005 and 2007, and hopefully will even exceed the excellent results obtained in these previous Virtual Congresses.

In this 3rd Radiology Virtual Congress, and under the name of “The CIR visits its member countries”, a new method for presentations will be implemented, providing each country member of the CIR a day to show scientific materials, professional and social information about the country

Organization of the event:

  • Electronical Education Department of the CIR
  • Interamerican College of Radiology
  • Dr. Fco. Javier Rodríguez Recio, Dr. Alejandro Beresñak and Dr. Oswaldo Ramos Núñez
  • Location: Teaching Portal RADIOLOGIAVIRTUAL: www.radiologiavirtual.org
  • Date of the event: October, 2009

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We invite all the NOT i CIR readers to see directly from this space the monthly informative newsletter: RSNA News which the Radiological Society of North America has kindly offered us.

You will be able to access the most recent issue of the newsletter, as well as the index for previous issues both in the website (html) and PDF file.



The French-Latinamerican Congress 2009

Sao Paulo, Brasil 1 and 2 of may 2009

Spanish, French and Portugues, are the languages for which simultaneous translation will be provided in the rooms where the lectures will take place.

90 30-minute conferences and 24 round tables with the participation of over 50 professors representing the SFR, CIR and CBR. The programme will cover the following specialities:

Internal Medicine
Thorax and Cardiology
Women Image
Vascular and intervention

The French Radiology Society (SFR), the Interamerican College of Radiology (CIR) and the Sao Paulo Radiology and Imaging Diagnosys Society (SPR), together with the Brazilean College of Radiology, invite you to this great Congress that will take place jointly with the 39th Sao Paulo Radiology Conference (SPR’2009)

CIR Offers 20 Scolarships to members who lives out of Brazil, those Interested, please request in office of the CIR: cir.admin@servimed.com.mx

More information about Scolarships


CIR´s Sponsors




All companies of the sector are invited to join the program

CIR´s Office: cir.admin@servimed.com.mx 

2nd International Virtual Congress April 2009

The International Society of Radiology (ISR) announces its II International Virtual Congress to be held in April 2009

This Congress, where the CIR will take part, will consist of:

  • Refreshment Courses
  • Radiological Cases
  • Electronic Posters.

Read chairman letter

Information and registration: www.isradiology.org

Hans Ringertz, M.D.
International Society of Radiology

Cardio - Images Virtual Congress

Dear Colleagues,

The department of electronic education of the CIR announce the elaboration of the Cardio - Image Virtual Congress.

The virtual course will carry out in April and May of 2009 and like all the contents of the portal will be of free and free access for all the community radióloga of speech hispana.

The same will have Reports of the most highlighted espacialistas iberoamericans, those who will dazzle us with the last advance in the subject. The reports will be accompanied of evaluation, which award credits no presenciales of training continued (category 2)

More Information.

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hey are provided by the Organizing Society. They are destined to members of the CIR that belong to countries different that the one where the event takes place. Applications should be made to the CIR Administrative Office cir.admin@servimed.com.mx