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Echos from the CIR Meeting

Gathered in Chicago, the Directors of most of the countries members of the CIR had a long and productive Ordinary General Meeting during which the continuous growth of the organization became evident due to the multiple topics raised and the great number of participants that form the different work groups.

The college is now an organization in the prime of its development. It is fundamentally oriented to the education of radiologists. This education can be imparted in the traditional way, by sending visiting professors to the countries associated to the CIR or electronically, which has also had a great reception from radiologists. We have also included four new monographic books this year. The college also takes on union issues and those related to the practice of the specialty and the relationships with international medical organisms.

This meeting was followed by an extraordinary meeting in which the College decided to add a member to the board of directors to ensure continuity in their actions. The meeting was completely successfull.

All this and more will continue to be reported by the NOT i CIR to its subscribers.

Portugal joins the College

The whole CIR celebrates that Portugal has joined us, represented by its National Society:

Sociedade Portuguesa de Radiologia e Medicina Nuclear (SPRMN)

The advisers and directors of the CIR gave a warm welcome to this prestigious organization that was represented in this act by Dr. Felipe Caseiro that will contibute to the better development of our specialty.

The SPRMN thus becomes the second european society to join the CIR and the second portuguese-speaking one. Portuguese, together with English are the official languages of our College.

Honors to members of the CIR

Honors to members of the CIR
Francisco Xavier Rodríguez Recio y Alejandro Beresñak

Five years were enough for Francisco Xavier Recio, from Segovia, Spain and Alejandro Beresñak from Buenos Aires, Argentina to prove before all the Ibero American radiologists that electronic education through courses, virtual congresses, forums, chats, clinical presentations, etc. is an effective tool, currently considered essential by a large number of our affiliates.

It was them, also, together with Dr. Oswaldo Ramos, the members of the first CIR department created under the name of “Electronic Education Department”. They were able to bring to that department great dinamism and prestige, obtaining the participation of more than 20,000 radiologists in the programs implemented by it.

As the work cycle concluded they have decided to retire, so the whole meeting showed their admiration in a standing homage. Also, Dr. Rodrigo Restrepo informed that he has requested that they both receive the Academic Merit Diploma, which will be given to them in the next Inter

CIR Electronic Education in numbers

The CIR Electronic Education Department
2005 - 2009.

The CIR Electronic Education Department has been performing this exciting job for 5 years now. In this time, numerous and important goals have been achieved.

We would like to share some statistics from the Department, merely to briefly illustrate these accomplishments:

Registered users:

  • Number of registers up to December 2009: 13.129
  • Number of registers only in 2009: 5.036

Organized Events:

  • 3 Virtual Congresses:  2005, 2007 and 2009
  • 2 Teaching-Residency Services Meetings: 2007 and 2008
  • 2 Special Courses: Onco-Radiology 2008 and Cardio-imaging 2009
  • 1 Course with the OPS: Re-edition of Onco-radiology 2009
  • 2 Special Events: Conferences cycle from the Hospital Italiano and RMCE Meeting 2006
  • 2 Skills Courses: Effective Presentations and Bibliography Search 2008

Published Contents:  

  • Refresher Courses: 546
  • Clinical Cases: 540
  • Electronic Posters: 40
  • Communications, protocols and Reading material: 225
  • Total: 1,351 contents


  • Total numbers of participants in events: 19,912 participants
  • Event with the most participants: 3rd Virtual Congress 2009: 3,380 participants 


  • Total number of obtained credits: 18,833 credits
  • Event with the most credits: 3rd Virtual Congress 2009: 4,225 credits

Books from CIR authors

Congenit Cardiopathies Atlas
Dr. Luz Pabón

Published by the Latin American Child Cardiologic Hospital Dr. Gilberto Rodríguez Ochoa Caracas, Venezuela.

Book:Congenit Cardiopathies Atlas.
Author: Dr. Luz Pabón.

Advances in Diagnostic Imaging Series

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XXV Inter American Radiology Congress

Place: Santiago de Chile

Date: from October 27th through 29th, 2010

More information will be
available in the future.


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Invitation from the SLARP

Doctor Gloria Soto Giordani (President) and Dr Pedro Daltro (Secretary) invite all the Latin American radiologists with interests in pediatrics to join the Latin American Pediatrics Radiology Society (SLARP) And actively participate in accomplishing the objective of improving the quality of pediatrics radiology in the region, to benefit our children.
Dra. Gloria Soto Giordani
Interested people may find more information in www.slarp.net Or send us an e mail directly to: presidente@slarp.net requesting their affiliation and sending a brief CV
Dr. Pedro Daltro

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