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Communication and Secretariat activities report

On March 20, it was held the second meeting of the Radiological Protection Studies group organized by the Society of Radiology of Sao Paulo (SPR), and the main focus of the month was to reinforce contact with associated entities, with scheduled conferences, so that the spread of the Latin Safe is even greater in the events.

SPR Study Group:

The second meeting of the Study Group of the year, conducted by Doctor Hilton Muniz Leão Filho, president of Latin Safe, was broadcasted in real time on the Internet and further strengthened the importance of the exchange of information among professionals in the area. The highlights were:

• The participation of the Latin Safe in the Radiology Meeting of Sao Paulo 2019, with lectures, a stand of the Latin Safe in the premises, and the distribution of a folder.

• The presentation of the posters selected at the European Congress of Radiology 2019 (ECR).

• The association between the Latin Safe and the CBR for an open forum of the Federal Council of Medicine (CFM) to be held on April 29th (Monday).

• The extreme importance of the principle of justification.

Next meeting: April 17, 2019.

The following news were published on the sites:
The FDA warns that thermography should not replace mammography for breast cancer.
Alleged case of Césio-137 in northeastern Brazil.
Radiological Protection Studies Group meeting reinforces learning Exchange.

Social networks:
• Site disclosure.
• Dose management in pediatric radiology, where to go?
• ECR 2019 news release.
• Artificial intelligence could help to administer, predict, and even reduce patient exposure to ionizing radiation.
• Post of International Women's Day: Mammography is the best way to prevent breast cancer.
• Revelation of the video of doctors Hilton Leão and Renato Dimenstein on the news of the alleged case of Césio-137 in Brazil.
• Post on individual dose limitation.
• Post on one of the fundamental Principles in radiological protection: prevention.
• Curiosity about the Grand Central Terminal in New York, which emits radiation.
• Disclosure of our letter of commitment.

Partnerships and initiatives:
We reinforce the contacts to give continuity to the alliances and the presence of the Latin Safe flag in Latin American events, with stand and/or classes. In the event of a change in the quality of the information.

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