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Dr. Dante Casale
Dra. Gloria Soto Giordani
- Dr. Jorge Bisteni Bustani
Founding Editor:
Dr. Miguel Stoopen

Award to Dr. Gloria Soto

Doctor Gloria Soto: Honorary Member of the Spanish Society of Radiology

This acknowledgment took place in the Opening Session of the Congress held by this entity between May 22 and May 25.

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CIR Congress 2014 Program

From 15 to 17 August:

The CIR presents the program of the upcoming Congress, detailing the contents, the speakers and simultaneous events that will be part of this scientific event that gathers the Iberian American radiologic community around a program that was designed to meet the radiologist’s and subspecialist’s expectations: updated content and continual learning.

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June: Virtual Magazine on Radiology

The latest issue of this virtual magazine is now available on the web site of the CIR. We invite you to check out this new publication that includes the best articles published by radiological magazines from different countries of the region.

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Nomination results for CIR-ELAR scholarships

The process through which the CIR-ELAR scholarships 2014 have been awarded came to its end, being the selected radiologists.

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New book: “Advances in Diagnostic Imaging: Digestive tract”

Dr. Claudio José Bonini’s review on this text consisting of thirteen chapters, with the contribution of experts of recognized experience.

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On line international publications


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GO RAD is a new program developed by the international society of Radiology in global scope. GO RAD is a new global outreach program developed by the International Society of Radiology. Its purpose is to achieve advanced radiology education throughout a global radiology community by adding current and practical radiology literature with content that is targeted and addressed to the developing nations and populations with scarce resources.

We hope that you make the most of this program in order to improve everybody’s health and well-being.

Doctor Eric Stern
Editor-in-Chief, GO RAD

Member countries’ newsletters

We invite all NOTiCIR readers to visit, from this site, the monthly bulletin RSNA News,
which is available thanks to CIR member countries.

You can access the latest issue of the newsletter as well as the index of past issues.

SERAM Newsletter
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The History Corner

Stuart S. Sagel

Stuart S. SAGEL was an American radiologist (Philadelphia, 1940-2011), considered one of the world's pioneers in body CT scan, especially in the field of thoracic pathology.

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International courtesy registrations

They are granted by the society in charge of the organization.
They are addressed to CIR members who belong to other countries and who do not live in the country hosting the event. Requests should be sent to the CIR administration office.