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Spanish as the language of CIR, now in France

Spanish is acknowledged not only as the language of CIR’s member countries, but also as a language that represents a growing market within scientific activity. It is also acknowledged due to our proposition of including it in the several events organized by CIR and our allied members. An example of this was the past RSNA session in Spanish in the City of Chicago in November 2011, which revalidates its presence this year as well.

In this opportunity we would like to highlight the recently approved session in Spanish to be held on 20 October of the current year in Paris together with the Congress of the French Society of Radiology, in which distinguished representatives of Mexico, Argentina, Spain and France will lecture on the issue of Abdominal Emergencies. This achievement emphasizes our academic presence and positions our language in a framework of spreading advanced scientific culture.

We should consider that this type of events should motivate us to participate without any language barriers whatsoever to present our experiences in the radiology field.

We should thank the directors of the SFR, Professor Jean-François Méder, Professor Jean-Pierre Pruvo, and Professor Philippe Devred, for their trust and for allowing our attendance to this historical day in Spanish; it reflects the growth and acknowledgement of our College in all continents.

We would also like to wish success to our distinguished professors and CIR members who will represent us in this prestigious event: Doctor Miguel Stoopen, Doctor Ricardo García Mónaco and Doctor Luis Donoso.

Finally, we quote Miguel de Cervantes Saavedra: “He who reads a lot and walks a lot, sees a lot and knows a lot.”

Doctor Oswaldo Ramos N.
President of CIR

26th Inter American Congress of Radiology.

Ten courtesy scholarships available for CIR member countries

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Tenth Book of the Advances Series.

Official Publication of the Inter American College of Radiology

Advances in Diagnostic Imaging - CIR
Updating of the main topics of each specialty within Radiology

Editors Doctor Miguel Stoopen
  Doctor Ricardo Garcia Mónaco
Guest Editors Doctor Enrique Palacios
Doctor Bernardo Boleaga

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First CIR@FLAUS Course.

After a year since doctors Oswaldo Ramos and Raúl Sánchez signed the agreement of scientific cooperation between the CIR and the FLAUS, the historical city of Montevideo (Uruguay) has been the scenario chosen to hold the first CIR@FLAUS meeting, on 29 to 30 June of the current year. This important event, organized by the Society of Radiology and Imaging of Uruguay (SRIU) was supported by local lecturers and Visiting Professors sent by the Inter American College of Radiology (CIR) and by the Latin American Federation of Societies of Ultrasound in Medicine and Biology (FLAUS).

Representing the CIR were present Visiting Professors doctor Pedro Unshelm and doctor Jorge Pérez. Doctor Ramón Bataglia, doctor Jorge Rabat and doctor José Parada lectured for the FLAUS.

Doctors Lilian Larrosa, Daniel Macchi, Verónica Gigerey, Marcelo de Agostini, and Fernando Sciuto were the lecturers selected by the SRIU.

At the end of the meeting, which was attended by a great deal of specialists and post degree residents, doctor José Parada, Secretary of the FLAUS, and doctor Carlos Galeano, President of the SRIU, together with the rest of the executive Board, explained that due to the resounding success of the session, it should be repeated and enhanced next year. The idea is to organize a great CIR@FLAUS event, taking the opportunity of the 30th Anniversary of the FLAUS foundation in 2013.

Doctor J. Pérez (CIR), doctor R. Bataglia (FLAUS),
doctor J. Parada (FLAUS), doctor L. Larrosa (SRIU),
doctor C. Galeano (SRIU), doctor P. Unshelm (CIR),
doctor J. Rabat (FLAUS), doctor G. Puglia (SRIU).
Doctor Carlos Galeano (SRIU), doctor Pedro Unshelm (CIR), doctor Ramón Bataglia and doctor José Parada (FLAUS).
Carlos Galeano. President of SRIU.
Great attendance to the first CIR@FLAUS meeting.

ECR 2013 Scholarships.

The European Society of Radiology (ESR), together with the Inter American College of Radiology (CIR) are glad to announce all young radiologists (maximum age: 35) of CIR member countries that once again the chance to obtain the scholarships to attend the European Congress of Radiology (ECR 2013) is in force. The scholarships with the following benefits:
Free Registration to ECR 2013.
Accommodation in Vienna during the Congress.
Free public transport within the city during the Congress.

To apply for the scholarships, candidates must comply with the following requirements:
- Being radiology trainees (up to 35 years old.)
- Being associated to ESR (type: “Training Member”)
- Being author of an abstract that should be sent ON Line to ECR 2013
- Being Member of a Society/Association of Radiology that is part of CIR
- English

For more details see: http://www.myesr.org/cms/website.php?id=/en/ecr_2013/rising_stars/inv.htm.

In case you are selected, you should provide your credit card details (only to assure your attendance and the use of the scholarship.) In case you are absent, €300 will be charged to your account.

Associates from Spain and Portugal will not be able to apply through this program.

You should send the following information before 10 September 2013:
- Summarized CV
- Certificate of your ESR association
- Note that certificates your membership in a national society that is part of CIR
- Copy of abstract approval (if applicable)
- Complete information required in the attached Excel spreadsheet

The list of selected candidates will be confirmed approximately in early January 2013 according to the selection of the applications sent by CIR that comply with the date and with the requirements.

Send the application via e-mail with the requested documents in PDF format to: cir.admin@servimed.com.mx

Doctor Carlos Tarzian.
Scholarships Commission

Our Trainee´s opinions.

Dear colleagues:

In this opportunity I would like to share my experience throughout this year, since after sending an e-mail expressing my intentions to attend two congresses and applying for the scholarships for post degree residents of radiology, said scholarships were granted to me after an immediate response. One of them was granted by the CIR for the free registration to the congress and residents meeting in Mexico City in February 2012. I was granted the second scholarship through the ESR to attend the European Congress in Vienna, Austria 2012, which covered registration costs, public transportation and accommodation for 4 nights. As we already know, one of ESR and CIR’s purposes is to “Invest in youth”, so it has been very important to provide young trainee radiologists with the opportunity to attend these meetings, to become involved in each of the advances at an early stage, and to feed our knowledge in order to grow as professionals and give our patients our best.

Finally, I would like to thank the CIR and to congratulate them for their achievements. It is a source of pride for all Venezuelan people that people like doctor Oswaldo Ramos and doctor Pedro Unshelm keep encouraging our specialty every day, sowing a seed of enthusiasm in our hearts, leading residents and ennobling our country. I invite you to apply for the scholarships through the following address cir.admin@servimed.com.mx.

Doctor María José Díaz Curé
3rd year resident of the Radiology Postgraduate.
Arturo Michelena University.

New Magazines: Imágenes and Nexos to the FAARDIT.

On 25 May, during the 14th International Congress of Imaging Diagnostics in Córdoba, held in the Convention Center and the Lugones room of the Sheraton Hotel in the city of Córdoba (Argentina), a formal act for the launching of the magazine Imaging and Links was held. These are official diffusion organs of the Argentinean Federation of Associations of Radiology and Radiant Therapy (FAARDIT).

The “Imágenes” magazine contains 100% educational scientific material and includes review work, updates, essays and iconographic reviews, case reviews, a residents section and further sections that may be accessed through the publications regulations in the web site (www.faardit.com.com.ar) This magazine does not include research work nor advertisements.

On the other hand, the “Nexos” magazine includes all commercial information as well as details on local and international event and all useful information (job banks, scholarships, coming events, Congresses promotions, books reviews, etc.).

This new proposal will be issued every four months. You can send articles for “Imágenes” and radiology articles, advertisements and job offers for “Nexos” through the FAARDIT web site.

Both magazines are available online. They can be accessed for free at www.imagenes.faardit.org.ar.

The Mission of Imágenes is to contribute with a means of communication of articles and work with an educational purpose, that describe methods, pathologies, anatomic variants, and that share experiences as regards diagnostic and/or interventionism radiologic practice guided by images.

Its Vision is to create a space for permanent medical education, with an active participation of Imaging Diagnostics students so they get involved on the development of present and future tactics and strategies.

Doctor Alberto Marangoni – Doctor Jorge Ahualli
Editors in Charge
Imágenes and Nexos magazines
Associated Editors: Doctor Stella Maris Batallés, doctor Virginia Fattal Jaef and doctor Luis Fajre.

International Publications online.

Virtual Magazine of CIR

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We invite all NOTiCIR readers to visit, from this site, the monthly bulletin RSNA News, which was made available for us by the Radiological Society of North America.

You will be able to access the last issue of the bulletin as well as the index with the previous issues in html and PDF format.



GO RAD is a new global outreach program developed by the International Society of Radiology. Its purpose is to achieve advanced radiology education throughout a global radiology community by adding current and practical radiology literature with content that is targeted and addressed to the developing nations and populations with scarce resources.

We hope that you make the most of this program in order to improve everybody’s health and well-being.

Editor-in-Chief, GO RAD

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The History Corner.

Benjamín FELSON

Benjamin Felson was an American radiologist (1913 - 1988). He is considered to be one of the best radiologists of all times. He described the silhouette sign and was the author of the famous book of programmed teaching “Chest Radiology”, that may be considered as the text book used by most radiology residents during their initial training in this part of the specialty.

He was born in Newport, Kentucky. His family moved to Cincinnati, where he attended public school and, later, entered Medicine School. He obtained his degree in 1935. He did his radiology residence at Cincinnati General Hospital. In 1942 he entered the Army Medical Corps, where he served for two years as chief of radiology at the 28th General Hospital in Europe. Licensed with the Major rank in 1945, he accepted a position as radiologist at the University of Cincinnati and by 1948 he was already associated professor and chairman of the Radiology Department by 1951. Since 1973 until his death he remained active as professor emeritus of radiology.

He was the author of more than 150 articles and seven textbooks. Most of them (though not exclusively) dealt with chest pathologies and they played an essential part in the development of an international classification of several pneumoconiosis and other chest occupational pathologies. He was the director of the Roentgenology Seminars, a very prestigious publication founded by him in 1966. Because he was a great lecturer and a charismatic and capable teacher, he was a guest in the most prestigious universities and scientific societies worldwide. His sessions of case reading were described as brilliant and of great teaching impact, with innovative concepts and far above the level of the time (silhouette sign, third mogul, extrapleural sign, etc.).

He was awarded with the highest honors by the most important radiologic societies, like: the gold medal of the Radiological Society of North America and of the American College of Radiology, and honorary fellow of the Royal College of Radiologist of Great Britain. Considered in his time as a living legend in radiology, in 1987 the University of Cincinnati created the Benjamin Felson Chair of Radiology. It was the first time that such honor was granted to a living person in the United States.

Doctor Luis Ros
Co Editor of NOTiCIR

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