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A few days ago the 26th CIR Congress, held at El Salvador, ended. On behalf of the whole College, I would like to sincerely thank the Salvadorian Association of Radiology, Ultrasonography and Diagnostic Imaging, and the Central American Federation of Radiology, for the effort, dedication and enthusiasm with which they successfully carried out the project of this gathering of Iberian American radiology in Central America. The Congress organization was impeccable, the scientific agenda was high level and the social activities were carefully prepared. All three things allowed us to approach the Central American culture and to share the warm, joyful and friendly environment that is typical of our meetings and which makes us unique.

I take on the presidency of the College of Inter American Radiology and, together with the Executive Board, I am at your complete disposal. I hope I meet your expectations and I expect that everybody takes part in order to continue steadily with the process of making the CIR a new organization; each day stronger, representative, acknowledged worldwide and useful for the development of regional radiology. With dedication and unity we shall be able to overcome the difficulties and accomplish our goals. We will specially focus on the educational area, the cornerstone of professional development.

We will work on the harmonization of radiology in the region, emphasizing those regions with greater needs; the solidarity between the united peoples of Latin America shall be our main ally. To sum up, we will work hard in order to achieve all those goals we dreamt for our College.

I urge all feel the CIR is your own and to take part in each of the steps we take forward, facing the challenge of becoming a stronger organizations and of being acknowledged around the world.

Doctor Gloria Soto
President of CIR

Farewell to El Salvador. See you in Colombia!

The 26th INTERAMERICAN CONGRESS OF RADIOLOGY El Salvador 2012 has successfully ended.

With an extraordinary scientific program coordinated by doctor Gloria Soto, and with distinguished international guests coming from all Iberian America that gave their best, this event satisfied the attendant audience with the quality of its topics. Besides, during the entire Congress reigned a spirit of great camaraderie and cordiality, where guests and attendees enjoyed not only the scientific side but also the facilities of the Royal Decameron hotel (located strategically in the Salinitas beach on the shores of the Pacific Ocean), as well as the beautiful natural landscapes and archeological sites of the Republic of El Salvador.

Thanks to doctors Josethy Solórzano, Hector Moreira, Marta Sosa de Cálix, Franklin Mónaco, Mayra de Benavides, Pedro Zepeda, Jose Luis Martinez y Georgina Paz, members of the scientific, financial and promoting and logistics committee, who made a great effort to carry out a perfect Congress with a great organization together with the vice presidents of the rest of the Latin American centers.

So all that’s left to do is invite you to the next meeting, which will take place at the Caribbean, in the historic city of Cartagena de Indias, in August 2014, and it will be organized by the Colombian Association of Radiology.

So we say, see you in Colombia!

Doctor Josethy Solorzano.
President of the CIR 2012 Organizing Committee.
Authorities of the CIR during the Inaugural session
of the 26th Congress of the CIR El Salvador 2012.
Authorities of the CIR during the Inaugural session
of the 26th Congress of the CIR El Salvador 2012.
Doctor Gabriel Dib and Doctor Jaime Madrid of the
Executive Board of the Colombian Association of
Radiology, organizers of CIR 2014.

Let's celebrate together the International Day of Radiology 2012!

The CIR is part of the iniciative of the European Society of Radiology, RSNA and ACR to celebrate the International Day of Radiology on 8 November; the day Wilhelm Conrad Röntgen discovered the existence of X-rays in 1895.

Since it is a key specialty in modern medicine, since it cooperates in the diagnostic process of many diseases, sons its advances have helped understand and treat better several pathologies, and since it plays a fundamental role in the handling of many patients, Radiology deserves to be celebrated and to be more visible before the whole community.

We invite you to visit the web site www.internationaldayofradiology.com and support the spreading of this important celebration in your countries.


New authorities of the CIR 2012-2014.

In compliance with the bylaws, during the past CIR assembly of electoral nature, held at the Royal Decameron Hotel of El Salvador, the new authorities of the CIR were chosen.

The Board of Directors which will direct the fate of our institution from 2012 to 2014 was conformed as follows:

The Vice chairs are formed as follows:

NOTiCIR wishes the best of lucks to the new Executive Board, who will certainly do a great job for the College.


Delegates and advisors attending
the ordinary assembly.
New Board of Directors of the CIR.
Doctor Edward friar, Doctor Charles Tarzian,
Doctor Gloria Soto, Doctor Dante Casale.
CIR’s Board of Directors 2012-2014 with the
Vice Presidents of the regions.
Delegates and advisers at the CIR Assembly
with the new Board of Directors.

Radiologists honored at El Salvador 2012.

During the 26th Congress of CIR El Salvador 2012, some distinguished radiologists were paid tribute for their scientific and teaching careers throughout years of her work in radiology in their countries. Doctors Francisco Arredondo from Guatemala, Grace Curling from Costa Rica, Franklin Mónaco from El Salvador, Conrado Rodriguez from Honduras, Marlon Jiménez Aguirre from Nicaragua and Baltazar Izaza Guevara from Panama had enough merits to receive this well-deserved award from the CIR and the local organizing committee.

Distinguished Central American Radiologists Honored during the 26th Congress of CIR
El Salvador 2012 together with doctors Oswaldo Ramos and Josethy Solorzano.




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The History Corner.

Pierre and Marie CURIE

Pierre and Marie Curie were French scientists who became well known because of their discovery of the radium and fundamental studies on radioactivity.

Pierre Curie (Paris, 1859-1906) conducted important research on piezoelectricity and the magnetic properties of bodies at different temperatures.

In 1895 he married the young Polish scientist Marie Sklodowska (Warsaw, 1867-Saint Cellemoz, Haute Savoie, 1934), who was a descendant of an educated family. After brilliantly finishing his medical studies in Poland, and after working as a governess in order to save enough money to move to Paris, since back then women in Poland had no access to university, Marie could continue her education at the Sorbonne with a great deal of sacrifice.

The first information of Henri Becquerel about radiations given out by uranium salts aroused the interest of the Curies, and Marie chose these phenomena as the topic of her doctoral thesis. The examination of the known elements lead to the discovery that thorium also gave out radiations. Marie proposed to call “radioactivity” the property of giving out radiations and to call radioactive those bodies that present it.

On 18 July 1898, the Curies informed to the Academy of Sciences about the discovery of a new element, the polonium (called after Marie Curie’s homeland) and on 26 December, the radium.

For the discovery of the radio and their studies on radioactivity, the spouses shared the Nobel Prize of Physics with Henri Becquerel in 1903.

After Pierre’s death in a car accident on April 9 1906, Marie succeeded her husband in the Chair and in the direction of the research laboratory, being the first woman who taught at the Sorbonne. In 1910 she published the Treaty of Radioactivity and the next year she carried out the insulation of metallic radius.

To complete this period of intense research, Marie Curie was awarded the Nobel Prize of Chemistry in 1911, becoming the only person who received this prize. She died as a consequence of radiation effects.

Of the two daughters of the Curies, Irene (1897-1958) and Eve (1904), the eldest married physicist Frédéric Joliot, disciple of her mother. In collaboration with her husband, she discovered artificial radioactivity and received the Nobel prize in chemistry in 1935.

Doctor Luis Ros
Co-Editor de NOTiCIR

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