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We are getting ready for 2012 activities. This year will be one of innovation and consolidation of effective programs within the College.

We close 2011 with a great challenge and a dream: to take part actively in the Congress of Radiology Society of North America (RSNA). The session included a team of high academic level, and a very rich attendance that represented the entire American Continent. “Spanish is Spoken” was our motto in order to illustrate a complex topic like Oncology. Furthermore, we felt the Latin warmth and the joy that is so typical of us. Now we are looking towards the future with greater compromise for the edition of CIR@RSNA 2012. We have already activated the work team. We came, we saw and we won!

Now, with greater responsibility, we must show the level we achieved within Latin American radiology.

We would like summon you and our goal will be to increase our participation with attendance of all member countries.

We thank RSNA’s board for believing in us, especially its president doctor George Bisset and his work team, for their confidence on us.

Thank you.

Doctor Oswaldo Ramos
President of CIR


The relationship between CIR and RSNA is consolidating through their presidents, doctors Oswaldo Ramos and George Bisset.

After the historical session CIR@RSNA in Spanish last November 26th, which included a massive attendance, doctor Bisset had the kindness of being present in our ordinary assembly together with his executive director, doctor Watson. Doctor Bisset announced that once the results were reviewed, the event will continue until 2013. No doubt, this is a great achievement in Iberian American Radiology.

The authorities of CIR gave doctor Bisset an acknowledgment award together with all the advisors due to his support. Afterwards, the board of directors of Cir attended the different social events organized by RSNA elected president. The bonds of friendship and brotherhood between both institutions were once more strengthened within an environment of comradeship and kindness.

Doctor Oswaldo Ramos gives the award to
Doctor George Bisset on behalf of CIR.
Doctor George Bisset, his son and
doctor Oswaldo Ramos gathering efforts!


Doctor Richard Baron, a directive member of the Education Department of RSNA, invited doctor Oswaldo Ramos, president of CIR, to participate in the International Trends Meeting organized by the board of directors of RSNA.

The goals of this event were to analyze the different educational and training experiences of residents in radiology worldwide, to examine the preliminary requirements of medical clinic before the study of radiology, and to determine the number of years that is necessary to practice radiology.

Besides doctor Oswaldo Ramos (Venezuela), Vijay M. Rao (USA), Mukund S. Joshi (India), Dong Ik Kim (Korea), Richard Whal (USA), Michael Forsting (Germany) and Andreas Palco (Hungary) were present.


On November 28th the ordinary assembly of CIR members was held, with the attendance of the advisors of almost every country associated to CIR. After the welcoming speech, doctor Oswaldo Ramos, president of CIR, presented the report of his administration throughout 2010-2011. He pointed out that education is still the core of his work. He also mentioned the attendance to the different congresses sponsored by CIR, the joint work with the International Society of Radiology, the strategic agreements with several associations, etc.

The assembly dealt with the issue of the current situation of Virtual Radiology, an excellent educational portal which, at present, lacks sponsorship. CIR’s Board of Directors committed itself to continue with the sponsorship in order to strengthen said program.

Then, the Executive Director of CIR, doctor Jorge Bisteni, presented the budget for the coming year that was approved unanimously.

Afterwards, the vice-presidents of the regions of CIR presented their reports and doctor Carlos Tarzian informed us the number of people that benefitted with the ESR Scholarships for 2012.

On the other hand, 19 visiting professors were approved for next year for 10 member countries.

Doctor Josethy Solórzano, president of the organizing committee of the CIR Congress 2012, delivered a wonderful presentation about this coming event which will be a definite success.

Within the assembly framework, doctor Ricardo García Mónaco presented the book “Means of radiologic contrasts. What a doctor cannot ignore” which will be distributed for free in all countries affiliated to CIR. Doctor Miguel Stoopen reported us on the success of the Advances series of CIR, which has a greater acceptance each day and reached 9 issues. Besides, it also implies an economic benefit for the College.

Finally, doctor Raquel del Carpio sent us a very interesting educational project which is available for all our affiliates.

Images if CIR Assembly
Chicago 2011



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The History Corner


He was a German gynecologist and radiologist (1865-1921). He is considered one of the pioneers in the field of European radiology. He was a founding member of the German Society of Radiology, described the radiologic findings of osteoporosis.

He was born in Hamburg and studied Medicine at the University of Tübingen and Leipzig where he obtained a PhD in 1981. He was gynecology assistant at the University of Leipzig and later developed his professional activity in Hamburg as gynecologist and obstetrician. In 1897 he became aware of the importance of Roentgen’s discovery and he set up a clinic and an X-ray laboratory together with internist Georg Deycke. In 1903 he became part of the radiology team of St. Georg Hospital in Hamburg and in 1919 he was appointed Professor and Chairman of Radiology of the University of Hamburg, which had been recently created.

During World War I he discovered that exposure to radiation caused lesions in rabbits’ gonads; this induced the development of effective means of protection from radiation. In that same year he introduced a device that improved the clarity and intensity of radiologic images by means of filtration of oblique rays. He published a book that dealt with the radiologic technique, his most famous work, which was translated into Italian and Russian. He was a founding member of the German Society of Radiology in 1905.

He described the radiologic findings of the disease that carries his name, known as osteoporosis, which entails a group of conditions characterized by an increase of the skeletal mass, which depends on an alteration in the re absorption and renovation of bone and cartilage; that is to say, thick but fragile bones.

Like many of the pioneers in radiology of those times in which very little was known about the hazards of radiation, he suffered lesions in his hands that lead to the amputation of his left arm and his middle finger on his right hand.

Dr Luis Ros Mendoza
Associated Editor

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