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After so many years throughout which we have gathered in our Annual Assembly in the framework of the RSNA Congress, it is important to highlight that for this coming year its Board of Directors, through doctor George Bisset, approved to carry out the presentation of such an important issue as Oncology during an afternoon scheduled for November 26th from 1 to 5 pm within the framework of the congress. This also is a way to aknowledge the activity carried out by the Intercontinental Radiology that brings together the member countries of the Inter American College of Radiology. Last year the importance that endemic diseases had in our regions had already been introduced. It is important to poin out the impact of the development of state of the art technology and of the human resource when it is trained in and adecuate and appropriate way. With this two elements, the diagnostic imaging is more efficient and effective when it comes to detecting lesions since they can guarantee the patient's improvement. That is why we should consider ourselves summoned, almost in a mandatory way, to accompany the Inter American College of Radiology in this historical presentation within the framework of RSNA 2011. For many years RSNA has been a strategic allied that guides us and provides us with an opportunity to be presented with academic and significant relevance for our member countries.

On behalf of the CIR's Boeard of Directors, I would like to invite all the boards of the member societies massively, and to extend that invitation to each member of every country since this time, the session will be in Spanish entirely. This marks a significant milestone and is a way to aknowledge the intercontinental radiology's work in the member countries of the Inter American College. We hope then that you schedule this event and that we will meet that day. It is an historical and important day that shall give us the opportunity to strengthen the bonds of friendship and brotherhood that are typical of the member countries.

Doctor Oswaldo Ramos.
President of CIR.


CIR Session during RSNA 2011

Program “in Spanish”
Saturday, November 26th 2011,
from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Oncologic Imaging

A group of specialized radiologists from several Latin American countries and Spain will present the advances in the diagnosis of the most relevant neoplasias.

“You can’t miss it!”

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IV Virtual Congress of Radiology. Begins on November 11th, 2011.

IV Virtual Congress of CIR

Begins on November 11th, 2011

For the fourth time since its creation in 2005, the Department of Electronic Education of CIR will present the Virtual Congress of the Inter American College of Radiology throughout November.

This is one of the most important educational events that the College offers to Spanish-speaking radiologists of the member countries, and whose success can be measured by the attendance levels that was higher than previous years: 40,000 people have registered.

In this fourth edition new formats to the traditional contents will be added, such as live conferences and problem cases, which will be subject to competition, with awards to the attendants with highest number of correct answers.

The contents that will be presented at the Virtual Congress 2011 are:
  1. Multimedia Refreshment Courses
    Given by prestigious radiologists worldwide; with assessment Tests and
    a Forum where the speaker can be consulted

  2. Web Conferences LIVE!
    Real time conferences in which users and speakers have synchronic Access. It will be limited to 100 attendants on a first-come, first-served basis

  3. Problem Cases
    Cases to be solved with open answer

    Prizes for winners with the largest number of correct answers:

    1st prize: 3 issues of the ADVANCES series, to be chosen by the winner
    2nd prize: 2 issues of the ADVANCES series, to be chosen by the winner
    3rd prize: 1 issue of the ADVANCES series, to be chosen by the winner

    Prizes are courtesy of ..
  4. Interactive Cases of Radiology
    Sent by the radiology community

  5. Oral Communications
    About a clinical or research issue, sent by the radiology community

  6. Electronic Posters
    Sent by the radiology community

  7. Photography Contest
    Topic: "Exotic, artistic or shocking images in Radiology"

  8. Exchange Forum
    To debate the topics discussed and to communicate with the speakers
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No doubt, Central America is undergoing a special moment as regards Latin American Radiology. Last month was Nicaragua. Now it is in the city of Panama where a successful congress has been held, from 13 to 15 October in the premises of El Panama Hotel. The congress was organized by the Panamanian Society of Radiology and Imaging together with the annual Congress of the Latin Amreican Society of Pediatrics Radiology (SLARP). The day counted with a high scientific level and with the support of the Inter American Congress of Radiology, which was represented by doctor Gloria Soto (elected president), doctor Pedro Unshelm (Secretary), doctor Rodrigo Restrepo and doctor Javier Romero from Colombia as Visting Professor.

Congratulations from CIR to doctor Eric Chong, president of S.P.R.I and to his work team in general.

With this two extraordinary events, we believe that the way is paved for us to bring together all Iberian American radiologists next year in CIR - EL SALVADOR 2012. We'll see each other there!

Doctor Pedro Unshelm at the congress instalation act addresses some words on behalf of CIR.
Doctor Eduardo Onodera, S.E. Franklin Vergara,
doctor Eric Chong, doctor Pedro Unshelm.

Doctor Dolores Bustelo, doctor Pedro Unshelm,
doctor Gloria Soto, doctor Rodrigo Restrepo.
Members of the group of professors
and SLARP assistants.

ECR Scholarships 2012

Doctor Carlos Tarzian, president of the scholarships commission and member of CIR's Board of Directors informs us that the Radiology Residents awarded with the scholarships for the Congress of the European Society of Radiology (ECR 2012) that shall be held in Vienna in March of the coming year, are the following:

· María Florencia Martínez
· Gerardo Madeira
· María Bolaño
· Tatiana Escobar
· Yonhn Montaño
· R. Elena Ochoa Albíztegui
· Jania Acosta López
· María Noelia Napoli

From the editorial committee of NOTiCIR, we sincerely congratulate them all!

Eighth Book of the ADVANCES Series

Retroperitoneum and Pancreas
Official Publication of the Interamerican College of Radiology

Advances in Diagnostic Imaging - CIR
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The History Corner


He was an American physicist (Taylorville, Illionois, 1912 - Cambridge, Massachussetts, 1997) who shared the Nobel Prize of Physics in 1952 with Felix Bloch for the independent discovery of nuclear magnetic resonance in liquids and solids in 1946.

During World War II, Purcell was the head of a team devoted to the study and perfectionism of the radar techniques in the Radiation Laboratory of the Massachussetts Institute of Technology. In 1946 he developed a method to detect the nuclear magnetic resonance, which was extremely accurate and represented a major improvement as regards the atomic radiation method described by the American physicist Isidor I. Rabi.

The magnetic resonance has become a technique widely used not only in the study of the molecular structure of pure and complex materials, but also within the medical field.

Purcell became a Physics professor at Harvard University in 1949. In 1952 he detected the 21-centimetre radiation of neutral atomic hydrogen in the interstellar space. Such radiofrequency waves had been predicted by the Dutch astronomer H.C. van de Hulst in 1944 and its study enabled astronomers to determine the distribution and localization of the hydrogen clouds in the galaxies, and the possibility of measuring the Milky Way's rotation.

In 1960 Purcell was named "Gerhard Gade Professor" in Harvard and lately, in 1980, emeritus professor. That same year he received the National Medal of Science.

Doctor Luis Ros
Co-Editor, NOTiCIR

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I I think that the idea of having a session in Spanish at RSNA is a very good one. In that way, all Spanish-speaker doctors will be able to exchange their opinions more clearly about what's going on in our countries. Thanks, CIR. We shall meet in Chicago.


Doctor María Del Rosario García Calderón
Mexico DF

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