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The Inter American College of Radiology that we all wish for is based on unity. Yes. Unity represents the integration of countries with a sole purpose: Radiology and Diagnostic Imaging. A society that for more than half a century has undergone all the technological development in our specialty. For example: X Rays, Ultrasound, CT Scan, MRI, mammography, bone densitometry, hybrid nuclear medicine imaging, from bidimensional to tridimensional models, and nowadays, molecular imaging, which was awarded several Nobel Prizes.

But its most important tool is the human component, made up of Radiologists that are in the Iberian Peninsula and from North America to Patagonia. We meet every two years in very successful travelling congresses. The next congress will be in 2012 in El Salvador. We have great expectations because the organization will be in charge of the Salvadorean Society of Radiology, the Central American Federation of Radiology and the Inter American College of Radiology. For this major event and with the CIR Board of Directors full support, Dr. Gloria Soto was appointed Scientific Coordinator with high credentials. She has stamped her guarantee seal for an event of high academic level. With the joint work and dedication of each of the presidents of the Central American countries, Josethy Solórzano form El Salvador, Eric Chong from Panama, Alfonso Cerrato from Nicargua, Marita Salazar from Costa Rica, Sergio Mejicano from Guatemala and Jorge Almendarez from Honduras, we shall enjoy a congress that we are sure will represent the CIR goals we are expecting.

On behalf of the CIR Board of Directors, Oswaldo Ramos (President), Glora Soto (elected President), Pedro Unshelm (Secretary), Fermín Sáez (Treasurer) abd Carlos Tarzian (Member of the Board 1) we invite all the countries that are part of the Iberian American Radiology to visit El Salvador in 2012. We are looking forward to seeing you.

Doctor Oswaldo Ramos.
President of CIR.


CIR Session during RSNA 2011

Program “in Spanish”
Saturday, November 26th 2011,
from 1.00 pm to 5.00 pm

Oncologic Imaging

A group of specialized radiologists from several Latin American countries and Spain will present the advances in the diagnosis of the most relevant neoplasias.

“You can’t miss it!”

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The 28th CENTRAL AMERICAN CONGRESS OF RADIOLOGY and the 12th NICARAGUEAN CONGRESS OF RADIOLOGY organized by the Nicaraguean Society of Radiology and Imaging (ANRI) and sponsored by the CIR, ended sucessfully with almost 300 attendants. The event, which was of a high scientific level, was held from 7 to 10 September in the city of Mangua, Nicargua, and received 20 international guests. The CIR was represented by 2 visiting professors (Doctor Rodrigo Restrepo and Doctor Jorge Carrillo), by Doctor Gloria Soto (elected president) and Doctor Pedro Unshelm (Secretary). As it was expected, all guestes enjoyed a very firendly atmosphere. From NOTiCIR we would like to congratulate doctor Alfonso Cerrato and his Board of Directors on being excellent hosts and on having organized a congress that no guest will ever forget.

Within this framework,a work meeting was also held by CIR's Board of Directors together with part of the organising and scientific committee of the next CIR CONGRESS, EL SALVADOR 2012. The representatives for El Salvador (host delegation), Honduras, Nicaragua and Guatemala were present. In this meeting, the different committees and vice presidencies were established and the congress final logo and Web page were presented. The attendants also analized the hotel features, the general scientific program, the event costs, the presentation of free work and electronic posters and the sponsors. They also agreed to keep a direct communication between the several societies that are members of the Central American Fedration and the authorities of the Inter American College of Radiology.

The next appointment will be in October 2011 in the city of Panama.

Doctor Pedro Unshelm
NOTiCIR Editor

Doctor E. Altamirano, doctor S. Arroliga, doctor C. Pérez, doctor A. Cerrato, doctor E. Rodriguez, doctor M.I. Barrantes, doctor J.R. Castillo from ANRIS's Board of Directors with doctor P. Unshelm, Secretary of the CIR.
Doctor E. Altamirano, doctor A. Cerrato, doctor R. Álvarez, doctor C. Rivera, doctor H. Moreira, doctor M. Calix, doctor P. Unshelm, doctor S. Mejicano and
doctor G. Soto.

Work Meeting between the CIR's Board of Directors and the representatives of the Central American Federation of Radiology.
Doctor Gloria Soto.
President of CIR.


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Scholarships for CIR residents

The Inter American College of Radiology (CIR) and the Spanish Society of Ultrasound (SEUS) agree to offer 2 scholarships for residents of Diagnostic Imaging of CIR member countries.

The granted scholarships are to attend the 11th Course for Residents of the Spanish Society of Ultrasound in Gijón, between 3 and 5 November 2011. They will obtain registration, accommodation and meals during the duration of the course.

Besides, SEUS will reimburse to each resident the amount of 1,000 Euros for transport expenses. The will also be able to access a rotation in some of the centers selected for that purpose, for a minimum of 15 days and a maximum of 30 days. They can choose among the Hospital Puerta de Hierro, Madrid, Hospital Clinic, Barcelona, Hosptial Marqués de Valdecilla, Santander, Hospital Donostia, San Sebastián and Hospital de Basurto, Bilbao. Personal expenses are not included during the rotation.

The SEUS will inform the CIR the names of the residents awarded with the scholarships on deadline 15 October 2011.

Al third-year residents from CIR member countries will be able to apply for the scholarships. The must send:
1. Letter from the Chief of the Diagnostic Imaging Services where the resident is receiving Diagnostic Imaging training, detailing his/her professional qualities.
2. Accreditation certifying that he/she is attending the Diagnostic Imaging course of studies in his/her countries with marks over 7.
3. Accreditation certifying that he is associated to the scientific society of his/her country acknowledged by CIR.
4. Personal letter (1 page maximum) explaining his/her learning expectations in the ultrasound field.
5. Summarized CV, including an email address. We will pay special attention to courses and congresses on ultrasound scan. Particularly, scientific work done and published in local and regional congresses.
6. Start date for reception of applications: 30 September 2011. All documentation shall be sent by email in pdf format (Word format) to SEUS secretary’s email address (mar_pelayo@yahoo.es).
7. Close date for selection: 10 October 2011.
8. All this information will be sent to the CIR member countries to be spread.
9. The Spanish Society of Ultrasound shall contact the residents via email.


Doctor María del Mar Pelayo
Spanish Society of Ultrasound

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The History Corner


Feliz Bloch was an American physicist who was born in Switzerland (Zurich, 1905 - Zurich, 1983). He shared the Nobel Prize for Physics with E. M. Purcell in 1952 for developing the nuclear magnetic resonance as a method to measure the magnetic field of atomic nucleus.

Bloch's doctoral thesis (University of Leipzig, 1928) dealt with a quantum theory about solids that established a basis to understand the electric conductivity. Bloch taught at the University of Leipzig until 1933; when Hitler rose to power he moved to the United States and he became an American citizen in 1939.

In 1934 he became a professor at Standford University (Palo Alto, California) where he propose a method to divide a beam of neutrons in two components that corresponded to the two possible orientations a neutron could have in a magnetic field. In 1939 Bloch and Luis Álvarez (winner of the Nobel Prize of Physics in 1968) measured the magnetic moment of the neutron, one of the features of its magentic field.

Bloch worked within the field of atomic energy in Los Álamos (New Mexico) and he also studied radars at Harvard University durinf World War II.

He returned to Standford in 1954 to develop the principles of the magnetic resonance, together with physicists W. W. Hansen and M. E. Packard. This principles helped establish the relationship between nuclear magnetic fields and the crystalline and magnetic properties of several materials. As a result, it proved to be useful to determine the composition and structure of molecules. The nuclear magnetic resonance techniques have played an importatn part in medical diagnosis.

Bloch was the first Director-General of the European Organisation for Nuclear Research.

Doctor Luis Ros
Co- Editor, NOTiCIR

Our readers express their opinion

I would like to sincerely congratulate the current members of NOTiCIR's board on the eclxellent quality of its articles and the professional updated information that gives us access to the highest level of knowledge as regards Radiology. I wish they continue the work they have being doing since it is unbelievably valuable for the generations under training.


Doctor Rafael J. Perozo R.
Punto Fijo, Venezuela

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