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Message from the President of the SRMG

Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the CIR Congress in Belo Horizonte, from 9 to 11 October 2008.

Belo Horizonte will be deeply honoured to welcome you. It is an 11-year-old city, whose people are very hospitable and friendly.

This will be an excellent opportunity not only to science, when we will be able to share our experiences in several areas in Americas and Spain, but also to meet radiologists and make friends, enhancing the development of our area.

We are making our best endeavours to make your stay in Minas Gerais fpr profit and pleasure, and this Congress unforgettable.

We look forward to meeting you.
Yours faithfully,

Dr. Amílcar Mosci
President of the Society of Radiology and Image Diagnosis of Minas Gerais.

Education Comission
                             Advances in the Visiting Professor Program

For the year 2008 the General Assembly held in Chicago approved, within the budget presented by the directive board, a U$ 15.000 item for the PPV. Furthermore, eight more programs were requested and approved in full. The assigned countries were: Argentina. Honduras, Peru, Chile, Nicaragua, Colombia, Uruguay and Venezuela.

Currently, seven out of a total of fourteen programs are completely defined. Only one event is still pending and we are working very hard on it.

We would like to stress the policy applied for the selection of professors. Ideally, the selected ones are those who have not participated the previous year. However, the availability of the professors as well as the selection criteria according to specialties and requested topics on each country make it difficult to put together the programs.

The CIR would also like to make a point of the large amount of Professors participating of its activities this year. This is mainly due to the Congress of Belo Horizonte, taking place from October 9th to 11th. In this event we will be represented by 28 radiologists from different countries that have proven to be up to the challenge given their capabilities and qualities as professionals.

A total of 44 Professors from different countries participate in the academic activities sponsored by the CIR. We hereby share this information with you so you may be able to access all the news about our programs.

We would like to invite you to visit the official web sites of the CIR www.cir-radiologia.org and of the Interamerican Congress of Radiology www.congressocbr.com.br so that you keep updated about these Continuos Education activities.

Rodrigo Restrepo
CIR Scientific Committee Coordinator

Report of the Onco- Radiology Course

Successful ending for the Onco-Radiology Course that took place on the el
Teaching Portal of the Electronic Education Department of the CIR

On July 23rd the last multimedia lecture from the Onco-Radiology Course will be published. As usual, contents will remain active on the Portal and members will have two more months to complete the tests that award non-present credits.

Once again, we are surprised by the significative interest and participation with nearly 2,000 registered members. I would like to thank once again to all the lecturers for their major and selfless effort. The high scientific level of your courses is appreciated by the whole radiological community from Latin America.

We congratulate the radiologists that have participated and have received prizes in the Cases area. To the ones that were not selected, we would like to encourage to keep on participating in Radiologiavirtual.

Dr. Javier Rodriguez Recio
Coordinator CIR Electronic Education Department

2º International Meeting of Teaching Services

Once again this November we will have the 2º International Meeting of Teaching Services in Radiology which aroused a great amount of enthusiasm last year. It also allowed for young radiologists still being trained, from different countries, to interact for a month. Thus enhancing their knowledge and at the same time creating both professional and friendship relationships amongst participants.

Date: November 1st to 30th, 2008

All interested services should submit their registration before August 31st to info@radiologiavirtual.org

Registered services will receive a notification of their participation in the Meeting along with instructions on how to submit teaching material before September 7th, 2008.

More information on: www.radiologiavirtual.org/rv/2encuentro.html

Doctors Without Borders

Médecins Sans Frontieres (MSF), the prestigious international humanitarian organization, has addressed NOT i CIR requiring the publicizing of their need to count with a Radiologist.

To collaborate on the support of different programs such as: Ultrasound in hospitals where MSF leads Gynecology programs, Obstetrics and Surgery; Radiology for TB and HIV programs; Radiology for surgical programs focused on Orthopedics.

All interested professionals may contact: Cara Kosack, Diagnostic Network, Medecins Sans Frontieres, PHD, 4th floor, Plantage Middenlaan 14, 1018 DD Ámsterdam, The Neederlands. Cara.KOSACK@toronto.msf.org


We invite all the NOT i CIR readers to see directly from this space the monthly informative newsletter: RSNA News which the Radiological Society of North America has kindly offered us.

You will be able to access the most recent issue of the newsletter, as well as the index for previous issues both in the website (html) and PDF file.



Courses and Congresses with CIR Professors


Colombia, Medellin

From August 6th to 9th, 2008
Responsible: Patricia Castro apatriciacastro@yahoo.com y acr@acronline.org

Offers ten courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR

Honduras, Tegucigalpa

From September 19th to 20th, 2008
Responsible: Eysa Carrasco e-mail: eysarcr@yahoo.com

Offers eight courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR


Perú, Lima

From September 26th to 28th , 2008
Responsible: Luis Chavez sociedadperuanaderadiologia@hotmail.com

Offers eight courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR

Chile, Viña del Mar

Chilean Congress of Radiology
From October 2nd to 4th , 2008
Responsible: Gloria Soto: gloria.soto@gmail.com

Offers five courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR


Venezuela, Caracas

From October 22nd to 25th, 2008
Responsible : Pedro Unshelm  guasipati9@hotmail.com

Offers ten courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR

Uruguay, Mercedes

November, 2008
Responsible: Maria Dolores Scavonne  mdscavone@adinet.com.uy

Offers ten courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR


Nicaragua, Managua

Responsible: David Góngora dgr0962@yahoo.com

Offers ten courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR




They are provided by the Organizing Society. They are destined to members of the CIR that belong to countries different that the one where the event takes place. Applications should be made to the CIR Administrative Office

News from IRQN

International Radiology Quality Network Announcement

An international Performance Metrics and Indicators Project

The International Radiology Quality Network (IRQN) announces a worldwide benchmarking initiative on the turn around times (TATs) for radiology reports.

The IRQN is a network of organizations. Its members include: American College of Radiology, Asian and Oceanian Society in Radiology, European Society of Radiology, Inter-American College of Radiology, International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists, International Society of Radiology, Japan Radiological Society, Radiological Society of North America, Royal College of Radiologists and The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists.

The network’s objective is to promote quality in radiology through collaboration, experience sharing and mutual assistance

More information clic aquí



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are granted by the organizing Society. They are intended for CIR members who are from other countries and do not reside in the country where the event is held. Applications must be submitted to the CIR administrative office cir.admin@servimed.com.mx