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Message from the President of the SRMG

Dear Colleagues,

We have the pleasure to invite you to the CIR Congress in Belo Horizonte, from 9 to 11 October 2008.

Belo Horizonte will be deeply honoured to welcome you. It is an 11-year-old city, whose people are very hospitable and friendly.

This will be an excellent opportunity not only to science, when we will be able to share our experiences in several areas in Americas and Spain, but also to meet radiologists and make friends, enhancing the development of our area.

We are making our best endeavours to make your stay in Minas Gerais fpr profit and pleasure, and this Congress unforgettable.

We look forward to meeting you.
Yours faithfully,

Dr. Amílcar Mosci
President of the Society of Radiology and Image Diagnosis of Minas Gerais.

Science, friendship and hospitality in Belo Horizonte

Brasil excells today in Medicine, as well as many other human tasks, as a leadering country where scientific progress and quality are a key factor. This is what people who have attended radiology meetings such as the Paulista Conference of Radiology or any other of the numerous courses that take place every year have stated. This particular Congress is nowadays the largest Radiology meeting amongst spanish speaking countries. The Interamerican Congress of Radiology also has a long tradition in this country. Sao Paolo and Rio de Janeiro ….. now Belo Horizonte.

Together with a top-level scientific programme, congress attenders have always enjoyed the kindness and parties from brazilian colleagues who constantly receive them with great displays of camaraderie.

The Belo Horizonte Congress being held in October willl be no exception to this. This has been informed to us by Dr. Fernando Alvés Moreira, President of the CBR and Dr. Amílcar Mosci, President of the Minas Gerais Radiology Society. NOT i CIR thanks these Doctors for their messages published in the june and july issues.

On their behalf and of the CIR Scientific Comission and Board of Directors, we would like to make this invitation extensive to you paos en Belo Horizonte

Welcome to the "Model City of the Environmental Area."

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Registration of Scientific Papers in Belo Horizonte.

Registration of Scientific Papers

Panels and free themes - Rulesrong


Due Date for sending papers in: June 30th, 2008

The Congress will receive papers for selection in the following formats:

  • Free Topics: These are oral presentations performed at a fixed day and time. Their duration will be limited to eight minutes, followed by two minutes of debate and questions subject to the criteria of the coordinator. The author of the paper must be subscribed to the Congress.
  • Electronic Panels:These are slide presentations to be shown only in a computer. Each presentation will be limited to a maximum of thirty slides. The presentations need to be organized in such a way that visualizing them from beginning to end takes about five minutes. Images, videos, flash, etc. may be used

For information on the Regulations - http://www.congressocbr.com.br/english

Board of Directors in Marrakesh


Ricardo García Mónaco, President; Rodrigo Restrepo, Elected President; Luis Donoso Treasurer and Miguel E. Stoopen, Past Previosus President; attended in representation of the CIR to the XXV International Congress of Radiology y sostuvieron diversas reuniones de trabajoand held diverse meetings with Dr. Renato Mendoza, CBR Secretart.

They went over the preparations for the next Interamerican Congress of Radiology to be held in Belo Horizonte on October and the updates on the organization of the France-Latin America Congress to be held in San Pablo on April 2009.

They also revised the progress in the edition of the series of books about “Advances on Radiology” that the CIR will publish from september 2008 under the guidance of the Publishing Committee.

Echoes from the ISR Congress in Marrakesh

The 25th International Congress of Radiology was presided by Professors Claude Manelfe from the International Society of Radiology (ISR) and Farida Imani from the Moroccan Society of Radiology (MSR) and honorarily presided by Professor Guy Frija from the French Society of Radiology (FSR). This congress was also attended to by a large contingent of radiologysts from several different countries. It was highly sponsored by his Majesty, the King Mohammed VI of Morocco.

A vast and high quality scientific programme was delivered by 177 professors invited by the Organizing Committee, joined by 35 professors from the Pan Arab Association of Radiological Societies, 46 from the Federation de Radiologie du Maghreb and 35 from the Mediterranean and African Society of Ultrasound.

President Manelfe awarded the traditional Antoine Beclere Medal to Dr. Elias Zerhouni, director of the National Institute of Health from the United States of America and Dr. Francisco Arredondo from Guatemala, past President of the ISR, who both delivered conferences nominated in memory of Dr. Beclere and Dr. Fuchs respectively.

During the opening ceremony his highness Prince Moulay Rachid awarded acknowledgement medals to members of the Organizing Committee. Also,his excelency the Emir from Kuwait who specially travelled for the Congress, offered awards to the winners for the best five electronic papers from the previous First Virtual Congress of the ISR and to the best ten papers from the ICR.

At the end of the Congress all the radiologysts from the world were invited to the 26th International Congress in the city of Shangai, China, in 2010. For more information, please click in the following link http://www.icr2010.org/


We invite all the NOT i CIR readers to see directly from this space the monthly informative newsletter: RSNA News which the Radiological Society of North America has kindly offered us.

You will be able to access the most recent issue of the newsletter, as well as the index for previous issues both in the website (html) and PDF file.



Cursos y Congresos con Profesores visitantes del CIR


Colombia, Medellin

August 6-9, 2008
Person in charge: Patricia Castro apatriciacastro@yahoo.com y acr@acronline.org

Ten international complimentary registrations are offered to CIR members

Honduras, Tegucigalpa

September 19-20, 2008
Person in charge: Eysa Carrasco e-mail: eysarcr@yahoo.com

Eight international complimentary registrations are offered to CIR members


Perú, Lima

September 26-28, 2008
Person in charge: Luis Chavez sociedadperuanaderadiologia@hotmail.com

Eight international complimentary registrations are offered to CIR members.

Chile, Viña del Mar

Chilean Congress of Radiology
October 2-4, 2008
Person in charge: Gloria Soto: gloria.soto@gmail.com

Ten international complimentary registrations are offered to CIR members.


Venezuela, Caracas

October 22-25, 2008
Person in charge: Pedro Unshelm  guasipati9@hotmail.com

Ten international complimentary registrations are offered to CIR members.

Uruguay, Mercedes

November 2008
Person in charge: Maria Dolores Scavonne  mdscavone@adinet.com.uy

Ten international complimentary registrations are offered to CIR members


Nicaragua, Managua

Person in charge: David Góngora dgr0962@yahoo.com

Ten international complimentary registrations are offered to CIR members




They are provided by the Organizing Society. They are destined to members of the CIR that belong to countries different that the one where the event takes place. Applications should be made to the CIR Administrative Office

News from IRQN

International Radiology Quality Network Announcement

An international Performance Metrics and Indicators Project.

The International Radiology Quality Network (IRQN) announces a worldwide benchmarking initiative on the turn around times (TATs) for radiology reports.

The IRQN is a network of organizations. Its members include: American College of Radiology, Asian and Oceanian Society in Radiology, European Society of Radiology, Inter-American College of Radiology, International Society of Radiographers and Radiological Technologists, International Society of Radiology, Japan Radiological Society, Radiological Society of North America, Royal College of Radiologists and The Royal Australian and New Zealand College of Radiologists.

The network’s objective is to promote quality in radiology through collaboration, experience sharing and mutual assistance

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If you wish to send to us any comments, sugerences, critics, and recomendations you can write to:


All messages will be welcome.

From now and on thank you very much!!



are granted by the organizing Society. They are intended for CIR members who are from other countries and do not reside in the country where the event is held. Applications must be submitted to the CIR administrative office cir.admin@servimed.com.mx