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Two Congresses


The CIR is fully involved in two large international congresses coming soon. The earlier is the 25th International Congress of Radiology to be held at the fascinating city of Marrakesh, Morocco, June 5-8, followed by the 24th Inter-American Congress on Radiology at the breathtaking city of Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

The CIR will assume the representation of Latin American radiology in Marrakesh. The managing board has specially invited some professors to give lectures in the different modules where speakers from all over the world will participate.

This year, the 24th Inter-American Congress on Radiology will be held in Belo Horizonte simultaneously with the 37th Brazilian Congress on Radiology. The Scientific Committee has gathered prestigious professors representing member countries, and our colleagues and friends from the Radiology Society of Minas Gerais and the Brazilian College of Radiology are getting ready to host the Latin American community. You are warmly invited to share science and enjoy the beauty of Brazil.


24th Inter-American Congress on Radiology


Twenty-eight professors of the CIR will give 56 lectures and two plenary sessions, as informed by Rodrigo Restrepo, M.D. and Francisco Quiroz y Ferrari, M.D., President and Secretary, respectively, of CIR’s Scientific Committee for this Congress.

These notable guest Professors will alternate with many distinguished Brazilian lecturers to grant huge relevance to the program, which is expected to gather numerous Ibero-American radiologists.

An attractive social program and the opportunity to travel around this beautiful country will surely offer a very pleasant stay for those who attend the Congress


CIR’s Publishing Committee

In previous editions of NOTiCIR, we outlined the goals and the actions of the different Committees and Workgroups which, together with the Managing Board, are in charge of suggesting, implementing and developing the different tasks the General Assembly requires. We will refer to the so called Publishing Committee.

Created in 1946, for many years it has been involved in the publication of several newsletters and the so called Inter-American Magazine on Radiology, last published in the 1990’s.

The boom of electronic communications fostered the progressive implementation of this technology in newsletters and educational resources, as well as a broadened interaction among radiologists around the world, resulting in new projects.

At present, the Publishing Committee has 3 lines of work:

  1. The Website www.cir-radiologia.org
    Published by: Francisco Arredondo, M.D. and Jorge Bisteni, M.D.

  2. NOT i CIR, Trilingual Monthly Electronic Newsletter
    Published by: Miguel E.Stoopen and Luis Ros Mendoza

  3. Image Monographs of the CIR
    A new project of semiannual publications managed by Miguel E.Stoopen, M.D. and Ricardo García Mónaco, M.D. and published by Ediciones Journal. The first issue on Liver is under way.
Dr. Francisco Arredondo 
Dr. Jorge Bisteni Bustani
Dr. Miguel E. Stoopen
Dr. Luis Ros Mendoza 
Dr. Ricardo García Mónaco


Website Visitors

The number of visitors to the www.cir-radiologia.org, Website is increasing. In February, 82.91% new visitors read an average of 3.4 pages per visit. The countries most of them come from are: Brazil, Mexico, Spain, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and the United States of America.

Virtual Colonography (Colonoscopy)

A new guide for the evaluation of colorectal cancer was published on March 5 by a team of experts representing a broad spectrum of healthcare organizations within the United States, as a consensus which included the following organizations:

The American College of Gastroenterology (ACG), the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA), the American College of Radiology (ACR) and the American Cancer Society (ACS) made a joint announcement that was published by well-known newspapers in the USA.

This exceptional and extraordinary consensus offers several alternative recommendations to early detect tests that prevent the development of colon cancer, with a strong preference for non-invasive tests, including CT- Colonography, also called Virtual Colonoscopy.

Based on the review of the historic and the most recent evidence, the new guidelines issued by this Joint Committee considers that the following 4 tests are acceptable for the early detection of colorectal cancer and adenomatous polyps:

  • Flexible sigmoidoscopy every 5 years
  • Colonoscopy every 10 years
  • Double contrast barium enema every 5 years
  • CT Colonography (virtual colonoscopy ) every 5

This is the result of the constant development of the technology applied to CT Colonography and of the effort of several radiological groups of the American union, which worked within the ACR to perform tests (ACRIN) that led to the validation of the results obtained from the CT Colonography.

Editorís Note:

Undoubtedly, this piece of news will generate a greater demand of CT Colonography studies and makes us, the gastrointestinal radiologists, face the urgent need of studying and undergoing specific training to carry out this test with the highest degrees of knowledge and quality.

Click here for further information and see the article "Top Story: Prevention the Focus of New Colon Cancer Screening Guidelines".

Miguel E. Stoopen, M.D.


We invite NOT i CIR readers to access directly from this site the monthly newsletter RSNA News that the ĎRadiological Society of North Americaí has gently made available to us.

You may access the latest edition of the newsletter as well the list with previous editions as a Web page (html) or PDF files.



Courses and Congresses with CIRís Professors

Argentina, Córdoba

Cůrdoba's Radiology Congress
1 - 4 de May, 2008
Person in charge: Sergio Lucino e-mail: secretaria@sordic.org.ar
Ten (10) complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members*

Ecuador, Quito

Breast Radiology Course
April 3-5, 2008
Person in charge: Glenn MENA Olmedo, M.D e-mail: drglenn89@hotmail.com
Three international complimentary registrations are offered


Colombia, Medellin

6 - 9 de august, 2008
Person in charge: Patricia Castro apatriciacastro@yahoo.com y acr@acronline.org
Complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members*


Honduras, Tegucigalpa

19 - 20 September, 2008
Person in charge: Gloria Soto: Eysa Carrasco e-mail: eysarcr@yahoo.com
Eight (8) complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members*

Perú, Lima

26 -28 de september, 2008
Person in charge
: Luis Chavez sociedadperuanaderadiologia@hotmail.com
Eight (8) complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members*

Chile, Viña del Mar

Radiology Congress of Chile
2 - 4 October, 2008
Person in charge: Gloria Soto: gloria.soto@gmail.com
Ten (10) complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members*


Venezuela, Caracas

22 - 25 October, 2008
Person in charge
: Pedro Unshelm  guasipati9@hotmail.com
Ten (10) complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members*


Nicaragua, Managua

19 - 20 September, 2008
Person in charge: David Góngora dgr0962@yahoo.com
Ten (10) complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members*


Uruguay, Mercedes

November, 2008
Person in charge
: Maria Dolores Scavonne  mdscavone@adinet.com.uy
Ten (10) complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members*


are granted by the organizing Society. They are intended for CIR members who are from other countries and do not reside in the country where the event is held. Applications must be submitted to the CIR Administrative Office

International Congress of Radiology of Marrakesh


Once more, the International Society of Radiology (ISR), presided over by Claude Manelfe, M.D., of which the CIR is an active member representing Latin America radiologists, warmly invites all radiologists of the American Continent to attend the 25th. International Congress to be held at the beautiful and eye-catching city of Marrakesh.


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From now and on thank you very much!!

would like to congratulate you for the new format of the website. It is fantastic!!!! I am also confirming my attendance to the Congress to be held in Belo Horizonte, a very beautiful historical city I have not visited for some time, with warm and receptive inhabitants.

Dra Ildiko Iamili Blez


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