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This number concludes the fifth consecutive year publishing the NOT i CIR.

We would like to use this publication today to send all the members of our radiological community a warm greeting and our wishes of a peaceful, healthy and productive 2009 for all our readers and their loved ones.

We will be initiating the next year with the guidelines emerged from the General Assembly we have just had in Chicago early in December. Aware of the difficulties that will most likely arise due to the complex economic outlook, we are proud to count with a renewed Board of Directors, dinamic and with lots of projects. We are convinced that this board will use all of its energy towards consolidating the multiple work areas of the College, making them grow and creating new mecanisms that will lead our organization to constant progress and development.

In the next numbers we will provide the information related to the different actions that will be taking place throughout the year, particularly the ones related to teaching and continuous education for radiologists.

¡ Happy Holidays !

December 2008

2º Meeting of Teaching Centers

November was signed in the CIR by the development of this meeting that, as the first one, captured the attention of numerous radiologists. Young residents, radiologists and professors alike were able to appreciate the quality of the presentations originated in the teaching centers.

¡ More than 2, 700 attendants !

For all those interested, we inform that the Department of Electronic Education, responsible for this activity, has decided that all the contents will remain available during December through the CIR education portal: Para todos aquellos interesados, informamos que el Departamento de Educación Electrónica del CIR, responsable de esta actividad ha determinado que los contenidos permanezcan accesibles durante diciembre en el portal de educación del CIR.



Honors to members of the CIR.

During the recent Annual Conference of the French Society of Radiology (SFR), which took place in Paris in late October, Dr. Luis Donoso Bach was appointed Honorary Member. Dr. Donoso is a spanish rediologist who has been President of the SERAM and has been an active professional in the European and American Radiology field. Dr. Donoso’s activity in the CIR has lead him to become Counselor for Spain before the General Assembly, Vice President of the Caribbean and Spanish Regions and Treasurer in the past Board of Directors . He is currently an active collaborator in the implementation of the virtual congresses of the CIR and the ISR.

NOT i CIR would like to congratulate Dr. Donoso on behalf of all the members of the College.

Above.- Luis Donoso thanks the award during the Plenary Session of the French Radiology Society.
Below.- Miguel E. Stoopen and Ricardo García Mónaco joining Luis Donoso at the official dinner offered by the SFR to the radiologists awarded in 2008..

CIR Books: the “Advances Series”

"Advances" in Imaging Diagnosis .

Official Publication of the Interamerican College of Radiology

Advances will be published biannually. It will constitute an update on the main subjects in our specialty.

The series will be directed by Dr. Ricardo García Mónaco (Argentina) and Dr. Miguel Stoopen (Mexico), and each volume will be coordinated by a guest editor. The first one is devoted to the Liver and has been coordinated by Dr. Stoopen. It was published in September, 2008. The next two volumes of the series are already being prepared:

  • Thorax – José Luis Criales (March 2009)
  • Skeletal muscle – Rodrigo Restrepo and Carlos Giménez (September 2009).

Advances will be a series of very distinct characteristics:

  • Coordinated and directed by renowned professionals of the regional Radiology field
  • Written by professors of great prestige in Latin America and Spain
  • Concise, of swift reading, and written in spanish, for the Spanish-speaking reader.
  • Of fast publishing, avoiding the extense delays caused by translation processes.
  • Excellent printing and presentation quality, including images obtained from the most modern equipments.
  • Advances will allow the reader a rapid tour through the most advanced studies indicated for each pathology. We hope you enjoy them.

Address for Orders:
Journal Editions, Buenos Aires


“LIVER” Book Review

Series Advances in Imaging Diagnosys
Book: I. Liver.

Guest Editor: Dr. Miguel E. Stoopen . Various Authors
Series Advances in Imaging Diagnosys, Interamerican College of Radiology
Series Editors: Miguel E. Stoopen and Ricardo García Mónaco
Journal Editions 2008. ISBN978-987-1259-21-2  160 pages.

  • This excellent book constitutes great news for the latinamerican radiologists and specially for radiology residents. With a format that is similar to the renowned Radiologic Clinics of North America, but in spanish. With a pleasant text and excellent illustrations, it allows readers to get easily updated on everything related to diagnosys and hepatic radiological intervention.
  • The first section describes in great detail the basic imaging technics used on the Liver and the correct way in which they should be used. Afterwards, on the chapter about segmentary anatomy, it makes reference to the functional nomenclature of Couinaud and its representation through sectional images. It is brilliantly illustrated with schemes and images from ultrasound and computed tomography.
  • Following, two chapters treat in depth, yet schematically, complex subjects such as diffuse diseases and portal hypertension, particularly emphasizing anatomical and hemodinamical alterations.
    Of special interest for chilean radiologists will be the chapters on benigne and malignant focal injuries, by Dr. F. Cruz and A.Huete. And for the latinamerican community it will be appealing the participation of professors from Colombia, Spain, USA and Mexico.

Pablo Soffia
Santiago de Chile


We invite all the NOT i CIR readers to see directly from this space the monthly informative newsletter: RSNA News which the Radiological Society of North America has kindly offered us.

You will be able to access the most recent issue of the newsletter, as well as the index for previous issues both in the website (html) and PDF file.



French-Latinamerican Congress, in 3 languages

Spanish, French and Portuguese, are the four languages for which simultaneous translation will be provided in the rooms where the presentations will be held.

90 30-minutes conferences and 24 round tables, with the participation of over 50 professors representing the SFR, CIR and CBR. The programme will include the following medical specialties:

Internal Medicine
Thorax and Cardiology
Women Image
Vascular and intervention

The French Radiology Society (FRS), the Interamerican College of Radiology (ICR), and the Sao Paulo Radiology and Images Diagnosis Society (SPR), in association with the Brazilean College of Radiology, would like to invite you to this great Congress, to be held together with the 39th Sao Paulo Radiology Conference (SPR’2009).



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From now and on thank you very much!!





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