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Medical Imaging Trends in Latin America *

In a recent interview with the renowned magazine “El Hospital” (The Hospital), Dr. Ricardo García Mónaco analyzes the different factors that, in his opinion, influence and will influence the development of medical imaging during the years to come.

He explains that the trend in medical imaging is directed to accomplishing more precise diagnostics in early stages of diseases in order to provide appropiate treatment. But in order to be able to speak of the trends in Latin America, he says, we need to be aware of the great diversity of geographical, political and economic factors that influence this region setting it apart from North America or Europe.

The role of traditional equipments, new technological developments, molecular imaging and the CIR’s intervention and place in continuos medical education are all analyzed in this article.

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* Publish with the authorization of El Hospital (www.elhospital.com)

The Interamerican Congress in Brazil is starting in eight days

Belo Horizonte from October 8th to 12th, 2008

When this note appears, only eight days will be left until the beginning of the  XXIV Interamerican Congress of Radiology. This is the traditional meeting opportunity for radiologists all around the continent since 1943, year when it was first held in Buenos Aires.

Originally held every four years, they became biannual in 1990. Since then they have been jointly organized with one of the countries member of the CIR. In this opportunity, and for the third time actually, Brazil is the venue for this meeting. Previously it had been Sao Paolo in 1961 and Rio de Janeiro in 1992. It is Belo Horizonte's, the capital city of Minas Gerais, turn now to receive the CIR radiologists who will be discussing both scientific and friendship topics.

Ricardo García Mónaco, President of the CIR, Fernando Alvés Moreira, President of the Brazilean College of Radiology and Amilcar Mosci, President of the Radiology and Diagnosis by Images Society of Minas Gerais, are expecting all of us for what can be nothing less than a great event.


XXIV Interamerican Congress of Radiology - Last moment´s subscriptions

Scientific Program and Last moment's subscriptions

A carefully thought scientific and academic program has been put together by the CIR Scientific Committee's President, Dr. Rodrigo Restrepo and by the Scientific Director of the Brazilean College of Radiology, Dr. Adilson Prando. It will most certainly arise the interest of all participants and may be consulted on the Congress' web site.


The first CIR book is presented in Buenos Aires, Mexico DF and Belo Horizonte.

The 54th Argentinian Radiology Congress and Radiant Therapy held in Buenos Aires by the Argentinian Society of Radiology, The 7th Annual Course of Radiology of the Mexican Society of Radiology and the XXIV Interamerican Radiology Congress in Belo Horizonte, Brasil were the first forums in which the CIR presented its first book, part of its announced series: "Advances in Diagnostic Image", dedicated to the Liver.

The Journal Editions Company, in charge of the edition of the book, was responsible for the presentation and announcement of the first book of the series, directed by Doctors Miguel E. Stoopen and Ricardo García Mónaco. The series represents a new effort from our organization towards education. The book is now available in all the main bookstores in the continent.

Advances in Diagnostic Image.
Book I. Liver

Editors: Miguel E.Stoopen y Ricardo García Mónaco

Scientific Editor Book I Liver: Miguel E.Stoopen.

Authors: Paulina Bezaury (MEX), José Manuel Cardoso (MEX), Ángeles García Criado (ESP), Ricardo García Mónaco (ARG), Luis Donoso Bach (ESP) , Francisco Cruz CHILE) , Alvaro Huete (CHILE) , Yukiyoshi Kimura (MEX) , José María Monil (ESP), Amelia Muñoz (ESP), Juan Carlos Perna (ESP) , Iván Pedrosa (USA) , Pablo R. Ros (USA-ESP), Oscar Soto (USA) , Miguel E.Stoopen  (MEX), Antonio Talegón (ESP).

Presentation date: 12 september 2008 Bs. As.(ARG) and in Mexico.
Ediciones Journal

2009 Gold Medallists

Julián Sánchez Cortazar from Mexico and Aldemir Humberto Soares from Brazil, have been nominated to receive the Gold Medal from the CIR during the next XXIV Interamerican Radiology Congress in Belo Horizonte, Brazil.

Both these doctors have a record of a distinguished and fruitful professional career during which they have excelled in their services to the CIR community, both as Representative Consultants for their countries and as members of different comissions working towards our organization's development. As well as this, these nominated colleagues can account for a distinguished academic work and a widely recognized history in Brazil's and Mexico's radiology field, where they have occupied the highest charges and have encouraged international relationships.

Here by receive, through the NOTiCIR, the community's recognition.

New events in the CIR electronical education portal.

We would like to bring to your attention the beginning of the Course on Biomedical Information Search in Radiologiavirtual (www.radiologiavirtual.org), the Portal for the Department of Electronical Education from the Interamerican College of Radiology (CIR).

Number of modules: The course is formed by 4 units.

  • How to store and recuperate biomedical information
  • Getting to know the Medline Bibliographical Reference Base
  • Optimizing searches using the PubMed services
  • Other sources for biomedical information

This course has got the following resources:

  • Interactive Class.
  • PDF class.
  • Schemes and explanatory charts.
  • Final Evaluation.

Total Duration: 5 hours

Intended Students: The course is intended for professionasls of all health care fields, trainers in this subject and health care entrepeneurs.

Registration: As always, registration is free and has no charge for all professionals registered to Radiologiavirtual.

We are waiting for you!!!

To enter, click here.

2nd International Meeting of Teaching-Residency Services in Radiology 2008

We also announce the Second Meeting of Teaching-Residency Services in Radiology, that will take place in November, 2008.


  • Active participation of Residents, Studying Radiologists.
  • Exchange of knowledge and teaching experiences.
  • Bring together the latinamerican radiology community.
  • Discuss the problematic topics on the radiological formation.
  • Share protocols and teaching methodology
  • Boost the use of Information and Comunication Techonologies (ICTs) among radiologists, especially those still in formation.


  • More than 40 services in 12 different countries have registered for the Meeting.
  • Sending contents from each participating Service:
  • All Services need to present their contents before September 30th, 2008
  • Para ingresar a la Mesa de Ayuda a autores, reglamentos, tutoriales y formas de envío:


  • The Interamerican College of Radiology will certify the presentation and attendance to all the activities taking place in this Meeting.

Award to the Best Service:

  • The Service presenting the best contents will receive as a prize "the Core Curriculum", a series of books on Images Diagnostic for residents and specialists, written by prominent international professionals of each area. English edition by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins.

For more information on "The Core Curriculum"" click here

We are waiting for you!!!


We invite all the NOT i CIR readers to see directly from this space the monthly informative newsletter: RSNA News which the Radiological Society of North America has kindly offered us.

You will be able to access the most recent issue of the newsletter, as well as the index for previous issues both in the website (html) and PDF file.



Meetings with CIR Professors

Chile, Viña del Mar

From October 2nd to 4th , 2008
Responsible: Gloria Soto: gloria.soto@gmail.com

Offers ten courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR

Venezuela, Caracas

From October 22nd to 25th, 2008
: Pedro Unshelm  guasipati9@hotmail.com

Offers ten courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR


Uruguay, Montevideo.

From November 6th to 8th, 2008
Responsible: Maria Dolores Scavonne  mdscavone@adinet.com.uy

Offers ten courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR

Nicaragua, Managua

Responsible: David Góngora dgr0962@yahoo.com

Offers ten courtesy international subscriptions to members of the CIR .

Last Events

  • Ecuador, Quito - Mamary radiology course - 3 to 5 of april 2008

  • Agentina, Córdoba - Congreso of Radiology of Córdoba - 1 to 4 May of 2008

  • Colombia, Medellin - from 6 to 9 of agosto of 2008

  • Honduras, Tegucigalpa - 19 to 20 of september of  2008

  • Perú, Lima - from 26 to 28 of september of 2008



They are provided by the Organizing Society. They are destined to members of the CIR that belong to countries different that the one where the event takes place. Applications should be made to the CIR Administrative Office

Comments from our Readers

Comments on the Onco-radiology Virtual Course

Alejandro Beresñak, a very active member of the CIR Electronical Education Department, sends us several comments received as a response to the recent Onco-Radiology Course that the CIR presented on August in its portal: www.radiologiavirtual.org. Among these comments, we have selected the following ones:     

“I would like to express  my gratitude to everyone working to make an event of such a magnitude and quality possible. It certainly requires a great effort, time and interest that allow us to be as updated and prepared as possible. So again, infinit gratitude and congratulations on your contribution. Mildred Ocando Ziritt, Venezuela"

“I join all  the congratulations on the dinamics of the presentations and the valuable contribution of the provided contents. They all help to our continuos growth. Marina Claudia Flor, Argentina”

 “I just want to send my most sincere congratulations and wishes that this project will  not fade but, on the contrary, continue to constantly show the improvement that all the organizing persons have shown so far. Thank you very much on behalf of myself and of all the residents from the graduates course I coordinate at the Loja National University. Rene Samaniego, Loja, Ecuador”

“Subjects, materials and lecturers have all been excellent. I highly congratulate you, you have succesfully filled out a very important void  in Latinamerica’s radiology updating field. Thank you very much.” Alfonso Valdespino Tello, México"

French- Latinamerican Congress is announced.

The French Radiology Society (FRS), The Interamerican College of Radiology (ICR) and the Sao Paulo Radiology Society and Images Diagnostic (SPR), in association with the Brazilean College of Radiology, announced that they are working towards holding a France-Latinamerica Radiology Congress.

The meeting would take place in the city of Sao Paulo, during the 39th Sao Paulo Radiology Day. (SPR’2009), from April 30th to May 3rd, 2009.

Born from the initiative of the members of the Argentinian, Brazilean, Colombian, Chilean and Mexican Societies, it will certainly strengthen the already strong academic and friendship bonds among the countries.

90 30-minute conferences and 24 round tables with the participation of over 50 professors from the SFR, CIR and CBR are planned. Spanish, English and Portuguese will be the official languages that will be set for simultaneous translation.  
For more information visit www.spr.org.br/jpr2009


If you wish to send to us any comments, sugerences, critics, and recomendations you can write to:


All messages will be welcome.

From now and on thank you very much!!



They are provided by the Organizing Society. They are destined to members of the CIR that belong to countries different that the one where the event takes place. Applications should be made to the CIR Administrative Office