First Five-Year Period of Electronic Information at CIR


This issue of NOT i CIR of the Inter-American College of Radiology witnesses the commencement of the fifth year of continued communication of the activities to the members of our institution by an electronic means.

The editors have been pleased to note the increasing circulation, which today reaches almost 8,000 radiologists, and the increasing interaction with those seeking information, support, registration or guidance for training and work visits, factors which sustain our to existence.

Directors, editors and producers would like to express our willingness to polish this communication instrument, and to invite all our readers to contribute to this work, which belongs to us all for everybody’s benefit.

Happy 2008!

Miguel E. Stoopen, M.D.

CIR’s Annual Assembly


With the attendance of most Delegates and many Presidents of the National Societies, the Board of Directors and the Committee Coordinators initiated the briefings on the annual activity last November 27 in Chicago.

Presided over by Ricardo García Mónaco, M.D., the Assembly heard the annual activity reports and approved the activity schedule and the budget for fiscal year 2008. Among the new projects, the highlights are the increase of educational activities and the preparations for the next XXIV Inter-American Congress of Radiology to be organized jointly with the Brazilian College of Radiology.


Francisco Arredondo, Honorary Member of the RSNA


Francisco Arredondo, M.D., former president of the Inter-American College of Radiology (CIR), was honored at the last meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) held in Chicago as HONORARY MEMBER of that prestigious Society.

When granting the award, the President made the following comments, among others:

"During his performance at the CIR’s Board, Dr. Arredondo became a member of the Executive Committee of the International Society of Radiology (ISR) and, in 2003, he launched a program for the regional development of radiology by combining the efforts of organizations at all levels to pursue the growth of this specialization in developing countries, with a special focus on labor and legal matters. He was appointed President of the ISR from 2004 to 2006, and presided over the 23rd International Congress of Radiology in 2006."

"Anyone who knows Dr. Arredondo respects his enormous leadership skills," said Gilbert Jost, M.D., President of the RSNA. "He has made a great contribution to the advancement of Radiology in Central America and the whole world."

The members of CIR who have had the privilege of having Dr. Arredondo as a partner, teacher, director, and especially, as a friend gifted with enormous humanitarian feelings, congratulate the RSNA and Dr. Arredondo for this distinction that honors us all.


Increased Support to Education


The increase of the educational activities organized by the CIR has been uninterrupted for a decade thanks to its economic consolidation and the implementation of several policies to raise funds, and 2008 will not be an exception.  
Rodrigo Restreppo, M.D., Coordinator of the Education Committee, informed this intent to the Assembly and commented having petitions from eight member countries to receive support for the Visiting Professor Program.

Likewise, a committee including Drs. Luis Donoso, Francisco Javier Rodriguez Recio and Miguel E. Stoopen, analyzed with the Management of General Electric Healthcare the results of the First Meeting of Teaching Centers and the II Virtual Congress of Radiology, which were funded by the CIR’s Education Fund –Karpovas - GE. At that meeting, they reviewed the projects for 2008 and 2009, and agreed to continue strengthening this educational mechanism and to award an increment of 100% in the budget for the following two years.


XXIV Inter-American Congress of Radiology Bello Horizonte 2008

Advances on the Agenda

Drs. Rodrigo Restrepo and Francisco Quiroz y Ferrari, President and Secretary of the Scientific Committee of the CIR, respectively, have worked with the President of the Scientific Committee of the Brazilian College of Radiology to prepare an educational program to foster participation of specialists from different countries together with Brazilian colleagues and other international guests in the different specialization fields to be addressed during the Congress.

CIR's members will receive the call to send free papers and posters shortly.




CIR’s Ethics and Medical Deontology Code


The Ethics and Medical Deontology Code of the Inter-American College of Radiology contains the principles and behavior standards for radiologists members to guide their conduct in every and each activity of their professional practice in face of the society, and their work relations and responsibilities towards the profession in accordance with the provisions set forth in the updated version of the by-laws as approved.

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AUTHOR:  Andrés Peralta Cornielle, M.D.


Autores del CIR


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Dr Miguel Lo Vuolo

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Ms. Inés Fornio



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RSNA’s New Directive

Gilbert Jost, M.D., outgoing President of the Radiological Society of North America announced the new Board of Directors for the year 2008 including the following members:


2008 RSNA Officers

Theresa C.McLoud, M.D.


Gary J Becker, M.D.

President Elect

Robert A Novelline, M.D.

First Vice-President

Guadalupe M. Guerrero Avendaño, M. D.

Second Vice-President

Herbert W. Mower Sc. D.

Third Vice-President

Hedvig Hricak, M.D.



International Congress in Marrakech

Prof Dr. Claude Manelfe, President of the International Society of Radiology, and Prof. Farida Imani, M.D., President of the Organizing Committee in Marrakech, have kindly invited all members of the CIR to attend the 25th International Congress of Radiology in the city of Marrakech, June 5-8, 2008.

This Congress, the second to be held in Africa, will be under the patronage of Your Honor King Mohamed VI, and will offer the attendants, apart from an attractive scientific program, the opportunity to know the spectacular surroundings of the host city.

The letter of the presidents can be read in the web page of CIR: Click Here


First Congress of the Ultrasound Society of Guatemala
II Central American Symposium of the FLAUS and
IV WFUMB Latin American Education Course in Guatemala

City of Guatemala, Guatemala
Information and registration::

Ten complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members

42 Curso anual de la SMRI “ Curso de febrero”

Sheraton Hotel, Historical Center, Mexico D.F
Information and registration::

Five complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members

XII Curso Internacional Iberoamericano VERIMAGENES 2008

Galería Plaza Hotel, Boca del Río, Veracruz, Mexico
Information and registration::

Ten complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members

Congreso de Radiología de Córdoba. Argentina

Information and registration: : -

Seven complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members

XXIX Congreso Nacional de la SERAM

Sevilla, España
Information and registration: : -

Five complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members


These registrations are FULL grants for RADIOLOGISTS IN TRAINING

25 Congreso Internacional de Radiología de la ISR

Marraquesh, Marruecos
Information and registration: :


24 Congreso Interamericano de Radiología del CIR

Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Information and registration: :

Ten complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members



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