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First International Virtual Meeting of Educational Centers
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XXIV Interamerican Congress of Radiology in Brazil 2008
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Editorial: The Publishing Committee and the “New NOT i CIR"

In December last year, I was invited by Dr Ricardo García Mónaco to coordinate the Publishing Committee of CIR, which is in charge of NOT i CIR, the Association’s web page and the general publications. In addition, Dr. García Mónaco asked me to continue my work as Editor of our electronic newsletter.

I was pleased to accept this mission because it is in line with the general policy of continuing, improving and expanding the actions for the benefit of the members of our corporation and bearing in mind that nowadays there are many colleagues who are willing to contribute to its development, and from whom I will receive the necessary cooperation.

In a joint meeting with the Board of Directors and the CIR Administration in Chicago last November, it was agreed to that the production of NOT i CIR would be made at a professional level, to which end the company Tercer Término was hired.

Initially, the following actions were scheduled:

  1. To modernize the Newsletter’s design
  2. To translate all issues into Portuguese
  3. To continue the simultaneous issues in English
  4. Add the option of including longer articles by means of links to web pages
  5.  To add cultural sections
  6. To expand the distribution list

NOT i CIR will continue to be a short and precise publication, with the distinctive feature that it can be read in 3 minutes. It will be always open to the news and announcements of the National Societies members of the CIR.

We will also continue with the initiative introduced by our first Editor, Matilde Buzzi, M.D., which consists of requesting the organizers of the meetings announced in NOT i CIR the donation of free registrations in order to promote the international attendance to the regional meetings and, above all, we will maintain the regular nature of publications as we have been doing so far.

The Publishing Committee has other fields of activity. The ICR’s web page www.cir-radiologia.org, whose Editors are Dr. Francisco Arredondo and Dr. Jorge Bisteni, constitutes one of its major activities. The Committee is also in charge of publishing different educatioal material.

Miguel E. Stoopen

Management in Process of Obtaining CIR’s Official Registration

Jorge Bisteni Bustani, M.D., Director of Servimed S.A and Administrator of CIR, has informed us that the proceedings to obtain the official registration of the Interamerican College of Radiology in Mexico are quite advanced, thus fulfilling the mission entrusted by the General Delegates Assembly at the meeting held last May in the city of Zaragoza, Spain.

The registration will allow the CIR to obtain the legal status that has been pending for years and that is required for the CIR to operate officially at international levels.
Department of Electronic Education

The 1st Meeting of CIR’s Education Centers is underway

Early February, the Department of Electronic Education sent out the instructions to prepare the educational materials to the 50 Departments of Radiology that were admitted to participate in the Program, which belong to 9 Latin American countries and Spain.

The Residents and Professors or Tutors of each of the registered centers have started preparing the following materials: 2 educational conferences on basic Radiology-related topics, each with a multiple choice test; 2 clinical cases and 2 diagnostic algorithms for the study of various pathologies.

The materials prepared by the participating centers will be presented to the international radiological community in May in CIR’s education portal website www.radiologiavirtual.org, together with other activities, such as discussion forums within the specialization field, including a more relaxed area where the participants can show the outstanding features of their city and country to the entire radiological community.

Financed by the Educational Fund CIR- KARPOVAS- GE, the program as well as all the activities developed by the virtual Radiology initiative will be free of charge for the international radiological community.

Dr. Francisco Javier Rodríguez Recio
Coordinator of CIR’s Department of Electronic Education


TIPS on how to submit successfully a scientific abstract to the RSNA

Successful abstract submission and its acceptance by the RSNA in Chicago involves little art and some science.

The abstract submission process attracts thousands of intrepid authors worldwide. No matter how well it is executed or its scientific value, an abstract that isn’t complete or well prepared has little chances of being accepted.

In this article from RSNANews, Gerald Dodd III, M.D. and Robert M. Quencer, M.D, from RSNA scientific program give various TIPS on how to succeed in preparing and submitting abstracts for the next meeting to be held in Chicago from to November 25 - 30, 2007.

For further information on this topic, click here.
CIR Authors


Radiological English

Ramón Ribes
Pablo R.Ros.


Have you published a book recently?

Please, send us the information
and a picture of the cover to the CIR office
We will be pleased to announce it in this section.
Courses and Congresses with CIR Visiting Professors

IX International Congress of Radiology in Tucumán, Argentina
Tucumán Argentina, April 28-30, 2007
Information and registration: www.congresotucuman.com.ar and fundcomu@ciudad.com.ar
» 7 international free registrations are offered to CIR members

Radiology Conference in Lima, Peru
Lima, Perú, June 2007

International Congress of Radiology in Quito, Ecuador
Quito Ecuador, July 12 - 15 2007

II Central American Congress of Radiology
San Pedro Sula, Honduras July 17 - 20 2007
Information and registration : edinora@doctor.com and medicinanuclear@ccancer.hn
» 8 free international registrations are offered to CIR members

Imaging Seminar in Uruguay
Punta del Este, October 9 - 11 2007

Course of the Radiology Society of Nicaragua
Pending date

They are offered by the organizing Society and are destined to CIR members from other countries not residing in the host country. Applications must be sent to CIR’s Administrative Office cir.admin@servimed.com.mx


XXIV Interamerican Congress of Radiology - Belo Horizonte, Brasil, 2008

The Interamerican College of Radiology will hold its 24th Interamerican Congress of Radiology in  Brazil, in 2008, said to NOT i CIR Ricardo García Mónaco, M.D., President of the CIR and Fernando Alves Moreira, President of theBrazilian College of Radiology, who will be the Presidents of the Organizing Committee.

The Congress will take place in the beautiful city of Belo Horizonte in the Department of Minas Gerais, where the local institution invites the whole CIR community to attend and prepare scientific papers.


International Society of Radiology

25th International Congress of Radiology

Claude Manelfe, President of the International Society of Radiology, has announced the next International Congress of Radiology of the ISR, which will take place in the city of

Marrakech, Morocco 
June 5-9, 2008


The Moroccan Society of Radiology is organizing the meeting with the support of the International Society of Radiology (ISR) and the cooperation of the French Society of Radiology (FSR)

 General Secretary of the Congress
Prof. Chakir Nourddine

French Society of Radiology (SFR)

New General Secretary of the SFR

NOT i CIR congratulates Philippe Grenier, M.D., an internationally renowned French radiologist and an expert in thoracic radiology, who has been recently appointed General Secretary of the SFR in replacement of Dr. Guy Frija, who now serves as treasurer of this important society.

In recent years, la SFR has progressively enhanced its relations with the CIR and with its member societies. Preliminary agreements have been made to hold a French and Latin American meeting with the participation of various radiologists from Latin America who have been trained in France.

On behalf of CIR’s Board of Directors and of NOT i CIR, we offer Dr. Grenier our cooperation in all actions focused to improve education and build relationships among radiologists from our countries.

Dr. Miguel E. Stoopen

Schedule of International Meetings

XIX Latin American International Course "VERIMAGENES" 2007
April 27-May 1st, 2007 in Veracruz, Veracruz, Mexico
Information and Registration: www.svri.org.mx  verimagenes2007@svri.org.mx
» 10 free international registrations are offered to CIR member

9th International Course: Progresses in CT and MRI
May 9-11, in Barcelona, Spain
IInformation and Registration: Mrs. Marta Guarch  marta.guarch@viajesiberia.com
» 10 free international registrations are offered to CIR members

V Basic and Advanced Course on Ultrasound
September 12-15, 2007. Organized by the Mexican Society of Radiology and Imaging.
Venue: Hotel María Isabel Sheraton, Mexico D.F
Information and on-line registration: www.smri.org.mx
» 10 free international registrations are offered to CIR members

53° Argentinian Radiology Congress, Imaging Diagnosis Radiotherapy
September 19-21, 2007 at the Buenos Aires Sheraton Hotel & Convention Center.
Information and registrations: www.sar.org.ar
» 10 free international registrations are offered CIR members

93rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting of the RSNA
November 25-30, 2007, Chicago
Introduction to Research for International Young Academics.
Registration deadline: April 15, 2007. For information and applications go to RSNA web page: www.rsna.org

They are offered by the organizing Society and are destined to CIR members from other countries not residing in the host country. Applications must be sent to CIR’s Administrative Office cir.admin@servimed.com.mx


CIR’s Bulletin Board



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