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Editorial: CIR Annual General Assembly
Fourth Year for NOT i CIR
CIR Becomes a Legal Entity
CIR’s Website
Preliminary Information for CIR’s Second Virtual Congress
Invitation to the ISR’s Congress in Marrakech
Meetings and Congresses Schedule
ISR’s First Virtual Congress
CIR’s Bulletin Board
Dr. Ricardo García Mónaco
President Elect
Dr. Rodrigo Restrepo
General Secretary
Dr. Alejandro Beresñak
Treasure Man
Dr. Luis Donoso Bach
Former President
Dr. Miguel E. Stoopen
Dr. Miguel E. Stoopen
Dr. Luis Ros Mendoza
Newsletter Development

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CIR’s Annual General Assembly, where CIR’s Board of Directors will meet the representatives of each of the National Societies and the coordinators of the committees, will take place at the RSNA meeting at the McCormick palace in Chicago, as in previous years.

The Board of Directors that honored me to preside over the meeting will be pleased to welcome all those officially called to participate in our work meeting.

Dr. Ricardo García Mónaco.

Fourth Year for NOT i CIR

This issue represents the closing of the fourth annual cycle of our college's electronic newsletter called NOT i CIR. Since the first issue in September 2004, it has been published without any interruption to take news of our college to the affiliated National Societies which distribute it among its members, and it has also been sent to several associations and radiologists that request remittance.

Throughout this time, NOT i CIR has developed and consolidated, increasing the affluence of material for publication. In each issue, it has become a challenge to include a huge amount of material for publication and, in turn, to focus on the objective of offering an easy-to-read short general interest publication.

The editors continue making an effort to fulfill these goals and appreciate our readers’ suggestions to polish our newsletter NOT i CIR.

CIR Becomes a Legal Entity

An old pending issue has finally been closed!

CIR’s administrator, Dr. Jorge Bisteni Bustani, finished the proceedings initiated some months ago to officially register the CIR as a civil association; the record has been set in the city of Mexico.

Thus, a proceeding that had been initiated many times in different countries, and always left incomplete due to lack of administrative procurement, comes to an end.

The name of record is: Colegio Interamericano de Radiología A.C. (Inter-American College of Radiology C.A.). This record grants the benefits and responsibilities offered to legal entities.

On an annual basis, the College will have to declare its accounting records and the minutes of the changes to the Board and the by-laws.
CIR’s Website

Do you want to know about the CIR, the names of the authorities or maybe the bylaws and rules it is governed by? Do you want to know ongoing educational programs or take advantage of a complimentary registration at any course organized in the CIR member-countries? Do you want to request any old issue of our monthly electronic newsletter, NOT i CIR? Or perhaps send us a message or comment?

For this and much more, visit our site at:

Preliminary Information for CIR’s Second Virtual Congress

Preliminary Report

CIR’s Education Department, coordinated by Dr Francisco Javier Rodríguez Recio, informs that this Second Virtual Congress developed as planned on the dates scheduled from October 1-31.

At the time this article is being written, over 2000 people have participated actively in the conferences given by international professors, which included assessment with multiple-choice questions and Q&A sessions.

Participants to the congress also enjoyed the presentation of clinical-radiological cases made by colleagues from several countries. As a social event, there was a photography contest as well, whose winners will be announced shortly.

ISR’s First Virtual Congress

Professors Claude Manelfe, President of the International Society of Radiology, and Farida Armani, President of the Organizing Committee in Marrakech, have kindly invited all members of the CIR to attend the 25th International Congress of Radiology in the city of Marrakech, June 5-8, 2008.

This Congress, the second to be held in Africa, will be under the patronage of Your Honor King Mohamed VI, and will offer the attendants, apart from an attractive scientific program, the opportunity to know the spectacular surroundings of the host city.

The letter of the presidents can be read in the web page of CIR.

Click Here

International Meetings Schedule

XI International Congress of Radiology in November in Monterrey:
Emergency Radiology

November 1-4, 2007, Hotel Presidente Intercontinental, Monterrey, N.L., México
Information and registration: Contacto: Dr Francisco R. Espinosa Leal
» Ten complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members

Chilean Congress of Radiology
1 - 4 November 2007, Viña del Mar, Chile
Information and registration: /
» Seven complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members

VI Course for Residents in Third Year of Radio-Diagnosis
From 8 to 10 of November 2007. Melilla, España
Organized by the Spanish Society of Ultrasound (SEUS)
: María del Mar Pelayo Delgado,
» Complimentary international registrations 2007 ALREADY GRANTED

First International Ibero-American Course AMIM 2007
16 - 19 November 2007, Galeria Plaza Hotel, Veracruz, México
Information and registration: /
» Ten complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members

RSNA 93 rd Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting
25 - 30 November 2007, Chicago
Information and registration:

Schedule 2008

Annual Course of the SMRI “February Course”
30 of January to  3 February 3 2008. Sheraton Hotel, Historical Center, México D.F
Organized by the Mexican Society of Radiology and Imaging.
Information and registration :
» Ten complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members

XXIX National Congress of SERAM

23 - 26 May 2008, Sevilla, España
Information and registration:
» Five complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members.- These registrations are full grants for RADIOLOGISTS IN TRAINING

NOTICE issued by SERAM: CIR radiologists interested in attending our next Congress in Seville 2008 may pay the same special fees as SERAM members

International Congress in Cordoba, Argentina
1 - 4 of may 2008.
Information and Inscriptions :
>> Ten complimentary international registrations are offered to CIR members.

25 International Congress of Radiology
5 - 9 June 2008 Marraquesh, Marruecos
Information :

24 Inter-American Congress of Radiology
9 -12 October 2008 , Belo Horizonte, Brazil
Information :

are granted by the organizing Society. They are intended for CIR members who are from other countries and do not reside in the country where the event is held. Applications must be submitted to the CIR Administrative Office

Invitation to the ISR’s Congress in Marrakech

Dear Doctor,

I have the privilege of inviting you to participate in the International Society of Radiology Virtual Congress that will take place between December 3rd to 21st, 2007.

The ISR Virtual Congress puts the ISR into a lead position in electronic education.  This is our own project, conceived, executed and supported by members of the ISR.  There will be no charge to any participant. 

The ISR Virtual Congress will consist of two parts:

- Some 30 of the outstanding teachers in world radiology have contributed lectures to our first round. 

- The second part is to invite you to contribute cases and poster materials that can be added to the teaching material in our presentations:

Radiological cases
clic here to send your case
clic here to see the rules for the presentation of cases

Electronic posters
clic here to send your electronic poster
clic here to see the rules for the presentation of electronic posters

I wanted to encourage you to participate in it.  Each individual must register and receive instructions on how to get access to the Virtual Congress.  That information is available on the ISR website:   

The Virtual Congress project is being carried out through our International Commission on Radiologic Education with full and fundamental support of the InterAmerican College of Radiology and the national societies of Argentina and Spain.  It is funded in part by a donation to ISR from the Kuwait Radiology and Nuclear Medicine Society

It is our hope that from this good start the International Society of Radiology Virtual Congress will grow to be a key source of scientific information about diagnostic and interventional radiology.  We will continue to cooperate with other international agencies and with our member societies in other educational projects.

I hope I can depend upon your participation and cooperation in this very important educational effort.

                      Claude Manelfe
           International Society of Radiology

CIR’s Bulletin Board